Kilmore (Mayo)

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Built 1796 by Major Denis Bingham who resided at Binghamstown Erris for several years. 

In June 1826, an inferior house on this site (just opposite the RC chapel at Binghamstown) was let by Bingham to the Rev. Dean John Patrick Lyons (a gentleman and dignitary of the Roman Catholic church). Lyons had recently been appointed parish priest of Kilmore Erris and was given a lease of three lives.  By 1829, Lyons had built a new house on the site with the understanding that Bingham would compensate him for the expense of roofing it (Lyons allegedly used the RC chapel as a workshop and storehouse during the building works; at this time the RC chapel at Tirraugh was used to house animals at night). Binghams agent at the time was his son-in-law Mr Fowler. Bingham did not make good on his covenant and so Lyons withheld rent in compensation.  In 1831, James Cosgrove and Pat Lavelle were bailiffs, drawers and auctioneers for Major Bingham. William Barrett of Erris was a sexton at Binghamstown RC Chapel and an employee of Bingham (and a driver for rent at times) since 1803. In 1833, Mary Connolly was a servant to Rev. Lyons when a very public squabble between parish priest and landlord ran through the courts. [Freeman's Journal - 13 December 1833

In 1838, Lyons took Major Bingham to court for breach of covenant in a lease, for which the jury awarded in full for the plaintiff with costs. [See Freeman's Journal - 3 August 1838] By 1840, Lyons had become the Rev. Doctor Lyons. 

At the time of Griffith's Valuation, Binghamsown House was valued at £13 15s and occupied by Luke Lyons.

In 1901, and 1911 this 13-roomed residence was occupied by Gerald & Augusta Bingham and family. 

Binghamstown House has remained in the ownership of the Bingham family since. In December 2019,  for the first time since it was built in 1829, this property has come to the open market.  




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