Elphin (Roscommon)

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Bishop Hodson's Grammar School - Opened 1849 (from postcard of 1907)
Bishop Hodson's Grammar School - Opened 1849 (from postcard of 1907)

Postcard sent by Luke Kelly of Carrigeen, Elphin to his brother, Patrick Kelly in Fordham, Bronx, New York to alert him of his arrival in NYC on May 3rd abroad the ship "Oceanic"

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  • My husbands Grandfather was the headmaster here.  Michael J Kelly


    Saturday 20th June 2020 02:07PM
  • Your husband's grandfather, who was the headmaster, was named "Michael J. Kelly"? Or maybe you are just referring to my grandfather who was named Michael J. Kelly, just trying to clarify.


    Sunday 26th July 2020 03:16PM

    Michael Joseph Kelly 1864-1936 was the headmaster at this school. His youngest son Gerard Kelly was my husbands father.  Does this help?  Please contact me on kelly55and56@gmail.com so that we can chat and sort it out.


    Jenny Kelly


    Tuesday 28th July 2020 07:36PM
  • My great grandfather was Michael Kelly, the headmaster of this school. I visited there in 2014. My grandmother, Ita Patricia, was his daughter.


    Friday 18th March 2022 02:05AM
  • Do  you two....Jenny Kelly and Alison.... know each other?  You are both from the same Kellys!


    Saturday 2nd July 2022 10:11PM

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