Drumhome (Donegal) County Donegal

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Brownhall Estate  © Drumhome Heritage Society
Brownhall Estate © Drumhome Heritage Society

In 1835, Brownhall was the seat of Revd. Edward Hamilton.

From duchas.ie (Circa 1930): 

"In the parish of Drumhome and in the townland of Ballinagippen, there is a place Brownhall.  It is the residence of Captain Hamilton.

There is a place called Peter’s Leap in Brownhall. It is called Peter’s Leap, because a man called Peter Carron leaped into a hole there and ever afterwards it held this name.

In the same place there is a cave called The Piper’s Cave. It is called The Piper’s Cave because at one time there was an old piper who went up to a wedding in the residence. When he was going home he lost his way. People say that when he was a week missing, he was heard under the ground playing his pipes. The Tune he played was “The Farther in the Deeper.”

Type of Building:

Landed Estate


  • This is a legend that I have heard. The ancient piper who once played at a wedding in the house inspired the name "The Piper's Cave." word wipe


    Wednesday 1st February 2023 03:23PM

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