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Old building beside Chapel of the Woods
Old building beside Chapel of the Woods

This old building was located beside the current Chapel of the Woods, or Wood's Chapel in Ballyronan, Co. Derry. Does anyone know its origin? Thinking original chapel  or else school affiliated with the early chapel. It had a plaque on the side which starts "This ancient chapel...." but I cannot make out the rest of the writing.

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  • I know there was a comment regarding this post and this building, but I can't bring up  the comment. I have been trying to find out more about the origin of this photo. Apparently, it is a photo of a photo which was found in an old barn belonging to the Caulfield/Cauffield family in Ohio, USA. It is felf that this photo was obviously of some significance to the Caulfield family. As the Caulfields have traced their ancestry to Wood's Chapel in Ballyronan, it was thought this might be a photo of an early chapel in that area. However, that might be the case. Still working on it. And working to get a better photo of the photo such that we can make out more of the words on the plaque on the side of the building.

    Thanks for any help

    Peggy Gordon


    Tuesday 16th February 2021 02:54AM

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