Achill (Mayo)

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In the 19th century, the townland of Carrickkildavnet was owned by the Marquis of Sligo of Westport House, who sublet it and most of the island to William Pike (1819-1881) of Glendarary House, Sraheens (no longer extant) who was a magistrate in this district. Pike later purchased this land in the Encumbered Estates Court after the famine. 

Kildavnet Castle, on the shore of Achill Sound to the North, has been tentatively connected with Gráinne Mhaoil the Pirate Queen. 

This townland was ravaged by the Great Famine and, with few records listing its occupants, here we attempt to bring their memory home. 

1828 Tithe Applotments: Carrick Kildaunet (sic)

  • Thomas Gallagher & Co. (partners) of Carrick Kildavnet

  • Bartholomew McLoughlin & Co. (partners) of Derreen Kildavnet (north)

1829 Applicants to the Register of Freeholders (Mayo Constitution - 1 June 1829)

  • Thomas Gallagher of Kildavnet had a house and land (£10 freeholder) at Kildavnet

  • John Gallagher of Kildavnet had a house and land (£10 freeholder) at Carrowgarrow

  • John Catagan of Kildavnet had a house and land (£10 freeholder) at Kildavnet (south) & Cloghmore

  • Darby Farry of Kildavnet had a house and land (£10 freeholder) at Kildavnet (south) & Cloghmore

  • John McLoughlin of Kildavnet had a house and land (£10 freeholder) at Cloghmore and Kildavnet (south) – recorded in Cloghmore in 1828 tithes

  • Anthony McNeale of Kildavnet had a house and land (£10 freeholder) at Kildavnet & Derreen

  • Patt McCann of Kildavnet had a house and land (£10 freeholder) at Kildavnet

In 1841 the Census recorded 26 houses and a population of 148 in this townland.

By 1851, in the aftermath of the Great Famine, only 2 houses were occupied and the population was only 8 souls. 

In 1857, Carrickkildavnet was held by William Pike, Esq., J.P. (1819-1881) with only one house occupied by his herdsman (name not recorded). 

In the Census of 1901, the only household in Carrickkildavnet was that of Edward Sweeney and family. Edward Sweeney married Ellen McHugh in 1869 and they lived in Sound, Poulranny and Cloghmore in the 1870s. 

(Carrickkildavnet may turn up on record as Carrick Kildavnet aka Kildavnet Castle aka Kill Castle. Kildavnet,Killdownagh, Kildoanaght, Killdawnaght, Killdawmod, Killdamnitt,  Kildanat, Killdannat, Killdannit, Killdonet, Kildanat, Killdavnitt... Ballincarrig and more).

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Tithe Applotment Records: Kildavent 1828 Ireland VIEW SOURCE
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