Bumlin (Roscommon)

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Teach Chaisil an Fhóid aka Castlenode House, Strokestown, was a 16-room mansion owned by the Mahons of Strokestown which they let to Protestant Gentry. 


John Moreton Esq. of Castlenode (d.1808) was survived by his wife Olivia Moreton (c.1772-1845) of Castlenode House and later, Cloonfinla

In 1809, GREYFIELD alias the lands of Aughervoy  (south-east of Strokestown) see Aughavorney, Curraghroe was offered to let as part of the estate of Olivia, the widow of John Morton Esq and executrix of his will in 1808. Their estate also included part of the lands of Old Park & Curragh, Balm-hill, and Ballyard. [Dublin Evening Post - 25 February 1809]

COUNTIES OF ROSCOMMON & LONGFORD  John Thomas Cramer Esq.,’ surviving Executor of Marmaduke Cramer, who was surviving Executor of Josiah George Hurt, Esq., deceased, Plaintiff.  Thomas Morton, Lewis Hawkes Morton, William Morton, and several others, Defendants.  PURSUANT to the Decree of his Majesty's High Court of Chancery, in Ireland, made in this Cause, bearing date the 8th day of August, 1828, I do hereby require all Creditors and Legatees of John Hawkes, formerly of Portanure, in the County of Longford, but late of Castlenode, in the County of Roscommon, Esq., deceased, affecting the Lands and Premises in the pleadings in this Cause mentioned, situate in the Counties of Roscommon and Longford, late the Estate of the said John Hawkes, to come in before me, at my Chambers on the Inns Quay, Dublin, and prove and ascertain their demands, on or before the 1st of December next; otherwise they will be precluded the benefit of the said Decree. Dated this 28th day of October 1828. J. S. TOWNSEND. Gerald O'Reilly, Solicitor for the Plaintiff, No. 18, North Frederick Street, Dublin. [Dublin Evening Packet and Correspondent - 22 November 1828, p1]

In 1817 Lewis Hawkes Morton (1762-1839) of Bogwood was indebted to the Widow Olivia Morton of Castlenode and the Lord Baron Hartland of Strokestown House among other creditors. [Dublin Evening Post - 18 January 1817].

In 1822 Castlenode was the residence of Thomas Morton Esq. (d.1848) who also had a farmhouse at Rouane [Roscommon & Leitrim Gazette - 09 October 1830] and other townlands in the barony of Roscommon

In 1837, at the time Lewis recorded Castolenode as the seat of J. Moreton Esq.,  Thomas Morton Esq. (d.1848) of Castlenode House married Sarah, the daughter of George Devenish, Esq., Mountpleasant and baptised the following children at Bumlin Church of Ireland (all born at Castlenode):

  1. Theodora Morton b. 1839,
  2. John Morton b. 1840,
  3. Robert Morton b. 1841,
  4. Olivia Morton b. 1843,
  5. Susan Morton b. 1845,
  6. Charles Hawkes Morton (1847-1923), of Rouane, Kilglass
  7. Thomasina Morton O'Flaherty b.1849 of Rouane, Kilglass


DIED Olivia Moreton (c.1772-1845) at Cloonfinla  relict of John Moreton Esq. of Castlenode (in 1857 this house was occupied by Robert Devinish)

Following the death of Thomas Moreton Esq. at Castlenode, in December 1848, the furniture and contents of Castlenode house were auctioned for sale in early 1849,at the height of the Great Irish Famine. 

BURIED AT BUMLIN Church of Ireland ...

Lady Susan Jane Maria Moreton  (c.1804 - 1878) Rouane, Co. Roscommon age 73/75, spinster.

Martha Moreton of Palmerstown Dublin (c1805-1889) age 84.

Olivia Moreton (1801-1874, spinster) of Strokestown, age 73 (informant C. Hawkes Morton, address: Strokestown)

Sarah Moreton (c.1822-1867, spinster) of Lisroyan Strokestown age 45/46 (informant Mrs Moreton Ross of Castledawson, Co. Londonderry).

Rev. Joseph Moreton (c.1805-1873) at The Rectory Strokestown, age 73.

In 1862, the lands of Ruane, owned by John Moreton Esq. (petitioner) along with other lands were ordered for sale by the Encumbered Estates Court [Roscommon & Leitrim Gazette - Saturday 13 December 1862].


From 1849, Castlenode House was occupied by George Walpole & Jane Power who held the lease to al 233 acres of Castlenode townland. 

In Griffith's Primary Valuation of 1857, Castlenode House was valued at £8 and occupied by George Walpole, who was the owner by 1873 and succeeded by Thomas Walpole. A Mr Walpole from Castlenode, Strokestown, County Roscommon was the steward of Augherea House in the 1870s. This family remained at Castlenode well into the 20th century when William J. Walpole Esq. was recorded as owner of Castlenode House and townland. 

William J. Walpole Esq. and family appear on record in the 1901 Census at Castlenode. Castlenode House by then was a 16-room mansion with 11 windows to the front.

In 1962, the Walpole Estate was sold privately to a new purchaser, at a time when the Land Commission was seeking such estates for distribution to small-holders.

A house still occupies the site of the original Castlenode House.



[Research by Rua Mac Diarmada]


Castlenode GRIFFITHS 1857 Ireland VIEW SOURCE
Landed Estates' Castlenode Ireland VIEW SOURCE

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  • Thank you for this fascinating information about Castlenode.

    Diane Farr, 3rd g-granddaughter of Lewis Hawkes Morton


    Thursday 28th February 2019 10:55PM
  • My pleasure!

    Rua, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Friday 1st March 2019 01:01AM
  • I am checking my family tree to make sure I have names/dates right and am puzzled by your burial note above: "Lady Susan Jane Maria Moreton  (c.1804 - 1878) Rouane, Co. Roscommon age 73/75, spinster." Thomas Morton of Castlenode had a daughter Susanna Jane Maria ("Susie") Morton (1845-1912). She was most likely named for the lady you mentioned as buried at St. John's COI in Strokestown. But I don't know who that lady is. Thomas Morton had a sister Susanna, but she married William de Courcy and is buried in the same churchyard in Strokestown as Susan D'Coursay of Lanesborough. Do you happen to have any additional information about the spinster of Ruane? Was Ruane/Rouane a townland as well as a house? I have a photograph of Ruane House, built by Thomas Morton's son, Charles Hawkes Morton. Do let me know if you want photographs... evidently I cannot post them as attachments to this comment. I would love to see a photograph of Castlenode but haven't come across one.



    Friday 10th April 2020 04:16AM
  • Hi Diane

    The Burial record source for Susan Moreton (BUMLIN CHURCH OF IRELAND: 05-Sep-1878) is RootsIreland.ie, where there is also a civil Death Record (ROOSKY civil district:  05-Sep-1878) which give her "Occupation: Lady; Status: Spinster" but states her age at death was 73 (vs burial record: age 75). Casn't find any matching Civil Record on IrishGenealogy.ie unfortunately.

    • The untimely death of a Susan Hawkes Moreton (1908-1920) of Fairview CROGHAN is the only other death on record (which in the footnote states: FULL NAME SUSAN HAWKES; SURNAME: MORTON LITTLE). 

    Your Susanna Jane Maria "Susie" Morton must have been Susan Morton of Castlenode (b. 1845) has one church record there as follows: date of birth: 05-Jan-1845 and date of baptism: 29-May-1857. Parents:  Thomas Morton (Gentleman) and Sarah (Devenish) as detailed in the above post.

    The townland of Rooaun (previously spelled Rouane / Ruane) is situated in the civil parish of Kilglass. The following obituary of Charles Hawkes Morton (1839-1923 ) of Ruane in the indicates that the Hawkes of Briarfield were related to him through his maternal line (Sarah Devenish).

    "THE LATE MR CHARLES HAWKES MORTON, RUANE, KILGLASS. The daily papers of the past week contained a brief announcement of the death of Mr Chas. Morton at the age of 84 years. By the older members of the community, it will be recollected that the late Mr Morton was one of the first Protestant Home Rulers in the county to take the public platform with the late Charles Stewart Parnell. He was a fluent speaker and addressed many meetings in the old Land League and stormy Plan of Campaign days. Being a farmer on an extensive scale he had practical experience of the difficulties the tenant farmers had to contend with. He was an authority on economic problems and the letters over his name on agriculture and kindred subjects in the public Press, attracted considerable attention. He was a connection the famous Hawks family of Briarfield through his mother. Personally he was extremely popular. was a Grand Juror and magistrate under the old regime, but for many years, owing to declining health, had ceased taking any part in public affairs." Roscommon Messenger 5 May 1923.

    Would you share your photos of Rouane House as a Buildings Chronicle for Kilglass (just click "Add Building") and then I can share more info to it in the comments?

    Rua, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Monday 20th April 2020 10:00AM
  • Thank you, I will create a "building" entry for Ruane House. I can't figure out who the Susan Morton (occupation: Lady) was, who lived in Roosky and is buried in Strokestown... she might be the daughter of James Morton, Esq., who served as coroner in Carrick-on-Shannon during the famine years. Family notes state that he held that position for over 50 years. He had a daughter Susan who might very well have been born in 1803 or thereabouts. She had a sister born 1809 and a brother born 1810, but I don't have a birth date for her. Rooskey isn't very far from C-on-S, is it? 


    My research on that branch of the Mortons is on shaky ground... more of a theory than anything concrete. IF James Morton/Moreton the coroner was the brother of Johnston Moreton (a "man of property" in Co. Leitrim, my 4th g-grandfather), he was my 1st cousin 5x removed. But I haven't confirmed anything beyond the name, the general geographical area, the "Esq." following the name, and the general time period.


    I'm sure you are right in your identification of Susanna Jane Maria. I will email you a photograph from Rob Halsall ... must have been taken not long before her death. He also provided the images of Ruane. 


    I am intrigued by the untimely death of Susan Hawkes Moreton in 1920! Clearly a connection of mine, but I may never unsnarl the threads! Susanna Hawkes Morton was the name of my 4th g-grandmother; she died at Castlenode in 1793. So the obituary on Charles Hawkes Morton is slightly jumbled. It is his father, not his mother, who was descended from the Hawkes family. (Unless Sarah Devenish was a Hawkes as well, which of course is possible, and I just haven't found it yet.) 




    Tuesday 21st April 2020 04:02AM
  • Note: "Sarah Moreton (c.1822-1867, spinster) of Lisroyan Strokestown age 45/46 (informant Mrs Moreton Ross of Castledawson, Co. Londonderry)." -- I believe this is actually Sarah Devenish Morton. She had been a widow since the age of 27, but it does puzzle me that she's listed as "spinster." Perhaps my notes are wrong.


    Tuesday 21st April 2020 06:45AM
  • Oops, hit "post" too soon. My notes are not wrong, LOL. Letters of Administration show that it was, indeed, Sarah Devenish Morton. She was living at Lisroyne House (now on the map as Lisroyne Lodge) with her daughter Susanna Jane Maria Morton, who was still a spinster.


    Tuesday 21st April 2020 06:49AM
  • Can you also set up a Buildings Chronicle for Lisroyne Lodge in Bumlin parish? (occupied by Michael Flynn in 1857). 

    Might be helpful if we create Ancestor Chronicles for each of these Sarahs and link them to the buildings they are connected with. That way other seekers with more information can discover them and help fill in more pieces of the puzzle!

    Rua, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Tuesday 21st April 2020 09:10AM

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