Donnybrook (Dublin)

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aka The US Embassy Dublin aka The Ballsbridge Chancery
aka The US Embassy Dublin aka The Ballsbridge Chancery

The Chancery in Ballsbridge was purpose-built for the Embassy of the United States in the early 1960s and is a well-known Dublin landmark. This circular building was designed to incorporate modern interpretations of early Celtic and later Irish buildings with contemporary, bold American design as well as symbolising the 13 stars of the first American flag. It was recognised as a world-leading building for its groundbreaking use of precast concrete 

This build was very much an Irish-American project.  The American architect John M. Johansen, designed this five-floor complex (two underground) on a triangular site,  in consultation with Irish architect Michael Scott. Irish materials were used whenever possible; for example, the base of the building is of Irish granite and the floors throughout are terrazzo of Connemara marble. 

On May 23rd, 1964 the U.S. Embassy officially opened its new Chancery building on the corner of Eglin Rd and Pembroke Rd in Ballsbridge, Dublin 4. The finished result was enthusiastically received at home and abroad. In 1969 An Taisce, the National Trust of Ireland, honoured the Embassy with its premier award. 

In 2014, when the Chancery in Ballsbridge was 50 years old, the US Department of State announced plans to relocate the embassy to "meet their needs in terms of size of the expanding American diplomatic presence in Ireland". A number of sites around Dublin City are being considered.

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