Cloonfinlough (Roscommon)

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OS 6" map circa 1837
OS 6" map circa 1837

Lóiste Chluain Fraoigh aka Cloonfree Cottage aka Clonfree Cottage was a "desirable residence and country seat" situated just a mile west of Strokestown on the road to Tulsk.

It was the property of Lord Hartland of Strokestown House and sub-let along with a small farm of 14 acres and 3 roods to an under-tenant.

In 1805 it was let to Luke Brice who occupied Cloonfree Cottage. In 1824 the Tithe Records confirm Brice was the main under-tenant (middleman) to Bartholomew Mahon Esq. (heir to Baron Hartland) at Cloonfree.

Cloonfree Cottage was the residence of freeholder Maurice Conry in 1824 and 1830.  Luke's son, Richard Brice inherited the lands in 1830 but fell into insolvency and it was taken over by the merchant James Gorman Esq. of 28 Union Tavern Street, Dublin (Brice's creditor an assignee).

In 1837 (in the matter of Richard Brice and insolvent) "Clonfree" was advertised to be auctioned for sale. The lease was described as "a lease for lives renewable forever" along with 14 acres and 3 roods of land and 16 of waste at the annual rent of £6 6s. The cottage was mentioned as a "neat slated dwelling house on the premises, to which a right of turburay is attached".

In 1840, John Ganly had been residing at Cloonfree Cottage but was evicted for non-payment of rent after 6 months. Cloonfree cottage was advertised to let in July 1840 and auctioned for sale later that month. It was re-advertised for sale in 1841 with the assistance of George Cox Esq. of Clonfree House. Gorman finally sold Cloonfree Cottage and the farm attached to Matthew Ryan of Co. Tipperary in October 1848. 


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