Convoy (Donegal)

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This church was built in 1810. 



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  • I appreciate the map showing the location, although the Google map pin is a bit off to the north of the church.

    However, I have two Culbert couples of interest who were married in 1857 in what is varously is referred to as the Presbyterian Church Meeting House, Convoy and the Convoy Presbyterian Church.

    I have always presumed it was the church located on Letterkenny Road just noth of the center of Convoy on the west side, with a graveyard behind it.

    Unfortunately, there is no picture here of that church.   What is it now called/affiliated with?

    And which church picture pertains to the two marriages I am interested in?


    Thursday 17th December 2020 05:09PM
  • Thanks for this.
    I too was unaware of the location of this old church. My family of Convoy Kings were members of the congregation from approximately 1824-1860. I visited the 'new' church on Letterkenny Road last year and was aware that it was 'rebuilt" and have always assumed that it was rebuilt over the old church on the same site.


    Thursday 17th December 2020 08:50PM

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