Loughrea (Galway)

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Coorheen House was originally the Dowager House for the Trench family, who were the Earls of Clancarty, whose seat was at Garbally Court, Ballinsloe. The Dowager House was where the Widowed Countess would go to live once her son was married. The 1901 cesus of Ireland lists the inhabitants of Coorheen House as follows;

  • Sarah Juliana Clancarty      Dowager Countess    Aged 88       From Dublin

  • Margaret Scott                     Ladies Maid               Aged 40       From Co. Meath

  • Mary Panton                        Cook                          Aged 47       From Co. Wicklow

  • Margaret Sotheren               Housemaid                Aged 25       From Co. Meath

  • Mary Hughes                        Kitchenmaid              Aged 26       From Co. Mayo

  • Alfred Irons                           Butler                        Aged 28       From England

  • William Moirison                   Coachman                Aged 56       From Co. Kilkenny

  • David Townsend                   Pantry Boy                Aged 17       From Co. Fermanagh

As can be seen above, the Dowager had a sizeable staff. It is also interesting to note that all of the staff, except for Mary Hughes, were members of the Church of Ireand. 

The Landed Estates Project in NUI Galway has the following to say about Coorheen House;

Sometimes known as Coorheen House. In 1786 Wilson refers to Curheen as the seat of Mr. Loftus. At the time of Griffith's Valuation, this was a small property occupied by Andrew Egan, leasing from the Clancarty estate and valued at £1 5s. Extended and enlarged sometime after this, by the 1890s it had become Curheen House, resided in by the Aitken family, agents for the Clancarty estate. Later the residence of the RC Bishop of Clonfert.http://landedestates.nuigalway.ie:8080/LandedEstates/jsp/property-show.jsp?id=2924

Do you have any information about the people who lived or worked at Coorheen House? Please let us know so that we can piece together the human story of this marvellous house. 


  • My maiden name is Hughes and my grandfather’s family were from Lisduff in Tyrone.  They were flax growers and Roman Catholics.  Always tweak to the name Hughes when it pops up.  Due to the Penal Laws, we have no knowledge of my family prior to my great- grandfather coming to Canada.  Mary-Joan (Hughes) Hale






    Monday 30th December 2019 09:48PM
  • The George Aitkin mentioned here was my late wife's grandfather and the photograph of Coorheen (Curheen) House here, was taken by me.


    Tuesday 13th June 2023 03:11PM

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