Drimnagh Castle, Dublin

DrimnaghCounty Dublin

Drimnagh Castle, Dublin c.1890-1910

From Norman times until the 1950s Drimnagh Castle was one of the longest continually inhabited castles in Ireland. Restoration work is taking place to restore the Castle to its former glory, mostly under An Taisce:

Over the next thirty years or so the Irish weather took its toll on the once great structure. Which is how Peter Pearson found the castle one day in 1985, swinging by a rope over the moat into the castle grounds he discovered a castle falling in on itself. Having an interest in restoring old buildings, he set about trying to get the castle repaired to its former glory. Many people and organisations were involved in the early stages including An Taisce, FAS, CYTP, and the Drimnagh and Crumlin community.


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