Drumlease (Leitrim)

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the caption "Dromoland" is a typo
the caption "Dromoland" is a typo

This sketch of Dromahaire Castle was published in 1795 by The Gentleman’s Magazine (causing much confusion at the time because of the error in the caption).

From logainm.ie:

"Druim-dhá-ethiar" (Ridge of the two demons). The ford at Droim Dhá Thiar/Drumahaire was the most western ford along the River Bonet.


“The son of O’Rourke … heir to the Lordship of Breifney was treacherously slain by the son of Dermot-na-ngamhnach at Druim-dhá-ethiar.” Four Masters, AD 1440.

“A hosting was made by O’Donnell and O’Neill. They burned O’Rourke’s town, Druim-dhá-ethiar.” Four Masters, AD 1458

“Thomas Mac Brady, Bishop ane Erenagh of the two Breifneys during a period of 30 years, the only dignitary whom the English and Irish obeyed – a paragon of wisdom an piety, a luminous lamp, a faithful shepherd of the church, gave up his spirit at Druim-dhá-ethiar.” Four Masters

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  • Thank you for posting this sketch! Does anyone have information about where above the lough this castle was located, please? I can't help feeling that this could be close to the townland of Sriff. I am actively pursuing a Leitrim family history brick wall and have paid some attention to the Timoney family of Sriff , though I do not yet have confirmation that they are my husband's direct line in Leitrim. Sriff is not far from the lough. I would love to know where this castle fits into the local geography. Thanks in anticipation of anyone providing more information. Chris Timoney

    ctimoney australia

    Sunday 12th July 2020 03:36PM

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