Creggan (Armagh) County Armagh

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Cornonagh where my mother's family lived
Cornonagh where my mother's family lived

This is where my mother grew up

Her Parents were Patrick Woods 24 September 1892 and Annie McShane married 20 January 1921

His siblings were

Mary Anne Woods 25 May 1887- 1942 she married Patrick Donnelly 

John 13 June 1889 he married Hanora O'Brian in manhatten 26 August 1934

James 1 June 1891 died as a baby

Parents Michael Woods /Ellen Keenan married 1 June 1886

Michael's 2nd marriage married Catherine McCreesh in 1884,son Michael died at 3 days old December 1884 Catherine died January 1885.


  • My great grandfather was Michael Woods he was born either 1845 or 1849 depending on the 1901 or 1911 Census,he lived at Cornonagh which is in the Creggan. 

    I have got both his marriage certificate's saying his father was also Michael but cannot find his birth as don't know his mother's name,the only one that seems to match is a Michael Woods and Ellen Ryan but they are from limerick,a long distance away,I have not got the skills to match and see if it is the same Michael,think he might have spent his childhood in America then came back to Ireland.

    Michael married Catherine mcCreech on 21 February 1884 at Castleblayney RC Church,son Michael was born 29 December 1884 died 31 December 1884,Catherine died 5 January 1885.

    Michael married Ellen Keenan on 1 June 1886 at Castleblayney RC Church they had 4 Children.

    Mary Anne born 25 May 1887,She married a neighbour Patrick Donnelly and had 8 Children,marriage 30 September 1908, she died 28 March 1942 at Daisy Hill hospital Newry.

    John born 13 June 1889 died in America 26 December 1969,I think he married Honora O'BRIAN.

    James born 1891 died 1891

    Patrick born 24 September 1892 died 23 October 1978 married Annie McShane born 13 August 1897 died February 1980 ( My Grandparents)

    I know because of the penal law Catholics were not allowed to own property but I found a will from 1900 ( I know my grandparents owned theirs so think it fits.

    Bridget Brennan left her farm at Cornonagh to Michael Woods in 1900 probate 11 June 1900 Michael Hearty law clerk,Owen Treanor of Crossmaglen was dated 21 July 1898,Bridget Brennan was present at my grandfather's birth so she might be related,some Brennan's were landlords.



    Monday 15th February 2021 08:47PM
  • Michael woods  born of Michael Woods and Catherine Daly they married 23 December 1834

    Children were

    Cath 20 November 1835

    Mary 28 July 1837

    Anne 15 April 1840

    Bridget 23 January 1842

    Michael 8 July 1844

    Ann 2 February 1847

    Ellen 5 October 1849

    Elisabeth 31 March 1853


    Sunday 14th November 2021 01:27PM
  • Cathe Daly 5 March 1815 parents Lawrence and Bridget Daly hope its the right one (Creggan)

    Michael 31 January 1814 parents Arthur Woods and Mary Myers (Creggan) no siblings found

    michael 10 October 1813 parents Patrick Woods and Anne Fitzpatrick (Armagh)

    unsure which Michael is right as Mary second daughters name and two Anne and Ann so either could be named after Michael's Mother.

    hope someone can help me work it out or if neither point me in the right direction,don't know how to remove old details either. 


    Sunday 14th November 2021 01:39PM

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