Killilagh (Clare)

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Gus OConnors Pub
Gus OConnors Pub

Gus O'Connor's pub is a world-renowned public house located at Fisher Street in Doolin, County Clare.  The pub is known for it's traditional music sessions where many famous trad musicians have played ovoer the years and where future trad musicians play at its nightly trad sessions which run from February to November, and weekend sessions during the winter months.  

The pub was established in 1832 and was a small building which could only hold 20 people in it at that time.  Over the years it has evolved into a family business where generations of O'Connors have owned it.  It came into prominence in the 1950s and 1960s with the arrival of folklore singers and musicians who recorded sessions there.  In addition, a revival in Folk music in the 1960s added to its allure and all guests to the pub received a warm welcome from Gus and his wife, Doll who were famous and generous with their hospitality.  

Today the pub continues to operate and it serves as a beacon for anyone who would like to visit Doolin or learn more about the local history and people of this beautiful area. 

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