Killukin Boyle (Roscommon) County Roscommon

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1837 Ordnance Survey of Croghan ©OSI
1837 Ordnance Survey of Croghan ©OSI

This page is for reconnecting ancestors with an address at "Hermitage, Croghan" (aka Hermitage, Boyle) – the area northwest of Croghan village (in and around Hermitage House and Fairview) within Croghan townland.

This address can cause some confusion for researchers as "Hermitage" does not appear on maps or land records.  Hermitage" as an address, appears in many parts of Co. Roscommon (take care not to confuse it with Hermitage in Bellanagare Frenchpark, or Knockcroghery for examply). 

Hermitage residents can appear on record under:

  • the townland of Croghan (parish of Killukin, barony of Boyle);

  • the Catholic Parish of Killukin & Killummod, Killucan or Croghan (some early Ballinameen records);

  • the Civil Register of BALLINAMEEN (or BOYLE if they died while in hospital);

  • the Electoral District (DED) of Croghan;

  • Boyle Workhouse (later Boyle County Hospital). 


The landlord/ owner was Guy Lloyd of Croghan House.

  • The Hermitage (house & demesne) was the home of James Kirkwood Esq. (1805–1857) up until 1842 (albeit Owen Thomas Lloyd Esq. was named here in 1838). However, James Kirkwood JP was using Hermitage as his address in 1842. The Kirkwood family seems to have retained the lease from Lloyd and sub-let. From c1870-c1905 Thomas Alexander Cox (1843-1908) & Harriett Johnston took up residence at Hermitage House Croghan. He was a farmer and land agent for Lloyd. By 1911 they were no longer here. 

  • Fair View (house & demesne) was the seat of William Morton Esq. since the early 1820s.

  • John Anderson Sr. (1810–1892) of Rushfield (Glooria, Croghan, and late of Faus) held land here in 1835 and 1857.  He was Lloyd's Steward of Public Works during the Famine (taking the opportunity to set up shop at Croghan village, and was postmaster by 1858) wife Anne (d.1904); son George Anderson b.1839 of Croghan, merchant. Anderson had a herd living at #13a – name unknown.

  • In 1857 (Griffith's Valuation) James McFadden (d.1870) was the immediate lessor of the townlands of Croghan and Ardmore in this parish (and in Cloone Co. Leitrim where the Lloyds of Croghan House also owned land). The nature of his agency for Guy Lloyd is unclear. He does not appear to have resided in either county. 


Some of Hermitage's oldest residents were recorded in Croghan's earliest burial records:

  • Edmund aka Edward Butler (1732–1826) of Hermitage Croghan interred at Caldra Cemetery (CROGHAN RC) Thomas Butler m. 1808 Catherine McGovern of Castlerea.

  • Mrs. Mary Carney (1744–1826) of Hermitage Croghan interred at Caldra Cemetery (CROGHAN RC)

In 1835, Tithe Applotment (tax records)s the following representatives 

  • Michael Mullaney  &  ? [GV #18a)  FARMER, son Patrick Mullaney m 1900 (SEE  Mary Mullaney m. 1828 Francis Grimes | Patrick Mullany father of Eleanor Mullaney of Hermitage m. 1872 Joseph McGann) NOT Michael Mullany 1806-1871 & Eleanor Higgins of Enagh. Some of the Mullaneys were servants at Fairview (Cox). 

  • Thomas Conry & Mary Cosgrove  (Patrick Conry Cottier at #13b)

  • Pat Power & Eleanor McHugh

  • Patrick Kaveny (Gate Lodge, Hermitage Demesne) 

  • Patrick Oates & Catherine Morris (bap Bartholomew Oates 1812)

  • Bernard Mulhern & Mary Beirne

  • William Dornan (1770-1848) aka Dernon aka Druman (Church of Ireland) Croghan, wife Margaret (1776-1846), son William (1820-1844), dau Margaret (1804-1859)

  • James Fehilly (father of Tim Feely m. 1868 Anne Carroll of Ardcarne)

  • Martin Lowe & Brigid Carroll (1822-1896) farmer #8 [GV] south of Fair View (son John Lowe of Croghan m.1883 Eleanor McGreevy of Boher)

  • James Beirne (? father of Thady Byrne who held land at #10) 

ALSO  Charles Maguire, Michael Rattigan, Polly McDermott, Widow Brannon, Michael Killoran, William Rock, Edward Power

Church records reveal additional names (of landless residents exempt from tax) with an address at Hermitage:
  • James Conway & Mary Corcoran m. 1830 ​

  • Roger Corcoran & Brigid Cunningham (Margaret Corcoran b1815)

Soon after, in 1837, the First Ordnance Survey of Croghan townland was made (when James Kirkwood Esq. was residing at The Hermitage). This survey included 2 small roadside cottages on the Hermitage Demesne which were derelict after the Great Famine (1845-51).

*no longer on record after the Great Famine of 1845-51)


By 1857, when Griffith's Primary Valuation, was recorded, the tenants of Croghan and Ardmore were paying rent to James McFadden (d.1870) who appears to be an agent or middleman for Guy Lloyd of Croghan House (here and in Cloone Co. Leitrim).

  • Sarah Mary Kirkwood of Woodbrook (widow of James Kirkwood) held the lease to Hermitage House (aka #1a Hermitage Demesne, Croghan) but was not residing here.

Of the 23 names recorded as "occupier" in Croghan Rural, not all heads of household appear in this census substitute. 

  • Where "herd's house" was listed in Griffith's Valuation, only the agent leasing the land was named. The names of the herdsmen residing at Hermitage would not have been recorded in Griffith's but can be identified in church registers and civil records. 


Cottage #13b (at the cross to Eastersnow/Hermitage/Croghan/Carrick) Pat Conroy 

Farm #7 Martin Dowd (son James Dowd of Hermitage m.1868)

Farm #5a  Thomas Tansey LABOURER (dau. Mary Tansey m. 1870 John Carthy of Rathallen) 

Hermitage Gate Lodge (#1c Croghan) was occupied by Patrick Kaveny (TA 1835 & GV 1858) 

  • Fairview Gate Lodge across the road (#13b Croghan) was occupied by Patrick Higgins 

House #1a  HERD for Sarah Kirkwood at Hermitage House

Farm #6a  Martin Brennan (1805-1875) & Mary Higgins  Croghan townland west (from 1850) 

  • Michael Brennan (land at #11) may have lived with them
  • (Across the road from Brennan & McGann?) HERD Patrick Cunningham Sr (1795-1871) & Mary Campbell  (son Patrick Cunningham Jr HERD m.1872 Brigid Grimes (1842-1886) both of Hermitage  (see below)

Farm #4a Henry Grimes & Anne Brennan (baptise Mary Grimes 1819 | Francis Grimes 1821)

  • parents of Michael Grimes (1812-1902) & Catherine Kaveny of Hermitage Croghan (BALLINAMEEN civil) daughter Maria. daughter Brigid who married Pat Cunningham (above)

Cottage #4b John Magan (McGann aka Megan) & Mary Grimes (baptise Thomas Megan 1868 | son Joseph McGann m. 1872 Eleanor Mullaney of Hermitage)

Farm #2a was the home of Peter Kelly (1798-1883) LABOURER & Margaret Drury (1821-1881)  info: Pat Kelly (dau. Brigid 1844 | Eleanor Kelly m. 1871 Eugene Dunn of Carrick ¥ son bernard b 1884) see also Michael Drury & Mary Petit


Farm #13a  HERD for John Anderson

Farm # 10a Thady Byrne

Farm #8a Martin Lowe & Brigid Carroll (1822-1896) farmer #8 [GV] south of Fair View (son John Lowe of Croghan m.1883 Eleanor McGreevy of Boher)

House #8b  James Lowe &

Farm #18a Michael Mullaney (1781-1868? ) &  ? [TA 1835] 


James Dolan & Brigid Hughes (baptise Patrick Dolan 1870 | Margaret Dolan 1875 | Catherine Dolan 1876 | Eleanor Dolan 1877) 

James Morris & Margaret McGann sic McGuire (baptise Honor Morris 1890 | Brigid Morris 1892 | John Morris 1897 | James Morris 1899 )

Conor McGreevy (dau. Eliza married into Scregg in 1892)


  • Thomas Cox & Harriet Johnston farmer (Thomas Cox Jr b.1873 | Arthur Cox) HERMITAGE HOUSE


  • John Johnston (1838-1898) merchant, bachelor (Cox in-law) as was David John Campbell farmer/draper COOKSTOWN m. Margaret Emily Johnston

  • Patrick Delahide aka Dolhynes & Elizabeth Bessy Kelly (baptise Mary Kelly 1873) butche


  • Patrick Cunnane & Anne Grimes  (bap Mary Cunnane 1867) farmer

  • Richard Dowd & Catherine (1840-1875) farmer

  • Michael Oates & Brigid McHugh aka Mccue or (baptise Mary Oates 1877 | Thomas Oates 1880) farmer


  • Bernard Callery (1803-1885) of Hermitage Croghan herdsman (widower)

  • Patrick Cunningham Jr HERD m.1872 Brigid Grimes (1842-1886 dau. of Michael, cottier) ) both of Hermitage m. 1872 (baptise Mary b1873 Catherine Cunningham 1875 | Brigid Cunningham 1876 | Patrick Cunningham Jr 1877 | Honor Cunningham 1879 | Mary Cunningham 1880 | Elizabeth Cunningham 1881 | Brigid Cunningham 1883)

  • Peter Kelly (1798-1883) [GV#2] labourer/ cottier widower of Margaret (1821-1881)  info: Pat Kelly

  • Charles Noone  & Mary (1810-1875) of Hermitage, herdsman in 1875 | Michael Noone GP for Pat Cunningham 1876

  • James Dolan & Brigid Hughes 1870s labourer

  • Michael Fehilly (1807-1889) labourer  (died at Boyle workhouse, info Cox) see James Fehilly TA 1835

  • John Hoar & Brigid Dowd (John Hoar jr b. 1865) labourer

  • Thomas Morris (1818-1893) labourer & wife Honor (1830-1893) (son Pat Morris)

  • Anne Morris (1832-1902) widow of labourer (son Owen Morriss)

? Clarke (labourer)


  • Martin Crann & Brigid Flanagan (Catherine Crann b. 1880) cottiers

  • Bernard Connor & Elizabeth Bessie Slavin m. 1897 (father Martin) cottier


GRIMES aka Grahim (possibly Grehan)

  • Michael Grimes  & Honor Glynn;  

  • Michael Grimes (1812-1902) & Catherine Kaveny of Hermitage Croghan (BALLINAMEEN civil parish) daughter Maria

  • John Grimes & Brigid Kelly m.1825, 

  • Francis Grimes & Mary Mullaney m. 1828;  

  • Michael Grimes (1824-11891) of Hermitage Croghan farmer widower of Mary Grimes (1826-1888)

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