Inagh (Clare)

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  • Recently had the opportunity to visit this cemetery.  Interestingly learnt a valuable lesson when researching family as a result.  My family name is Rynne.  However when the family (circa 1860 - 1870) are illiterate then the spelling is not a prominent issue.  So the stonemason spelt the name as it sounded.  So Rynne became Wren.  Several other Rynne's found in the cemetery, so this was a central point in my family history.


    Tuesday 23rd July 2019 02:23AM
  • Just thought of another piece of information that might be of interest.  If anyone is interested in checking Inagh Cemetery for family I would highlight one aspect that I learnt as a result of my visits.  As the cemetery has been there at Inagh for quite a while, there is the 'New Cemetery' as well as the 'Old Cemetery'.  I found the administration staff at the office wonderful.  However, due to an issue in the past, all records of the 'Old Cemetery' were lost.  Only the records of the 'New Cemetery' exist.

    My 2xGGF was Patrick Rynne. Patrick passed away July 25th 1868 (aged 71).  Patrick came from Cloonanaha.


    Tuesday 23rd July 2019 03:00AM
  • Hi, I have been trying to find any info on my Hanora Wren. Her husband was Patrick Moloney. They had Denis and Patrick Moloney, who both came to Australia in the 1870-80's. Any of this sound familiar. This family is my huge brick wall. 





    Thursday 20th August 2020 09:40PM
  • Hello Carol,  I have had a look at my trees that would potentially cover these families.  I don't have any listings that fit, but I will keep an eye out for you.  I can't remember finding (or recording ) these names from The Inagh Cemetery.  Have you touched base with Clare Genealogy or Clare County Library Website for resources towards your research?


    Sunday 23rd August 2020 12:51PM
  • Hi, thankyou for having a look through your trees. Yes I have tried them both and even visited Clare Library ( I live in Australia) but ran out of time while visiting Clare. I did find Moloney's and Wrens on the Griffiths Valuations, which led me to Inagh area. I was told my only option would be to visit every church in Ennis. One day hopefully it will pop up on a website. 


    Sunday 23rd August 2020 11:27PM
  • Hello Carol,

    I too an Aussie and can appreciate the effects of the tryanny of distance.  I too have spent way too much time (according to my wife) looking in cemeteries (in Ireland; still going through the thousand or so I collected last time I was there) for connections.  Interesting aside, I found a record in the last couple of days that linked to a Rynne relative that was in one of the 'interesting country graves/graveyards' off the beaten track.  Trouble is, the grave was in her married name, not her maiden name and I didn't know.  But the message from my experience is to continue to do your research and continue to ask your questions.  It is amazing what you might find, even if it is displaced temporally (time) from the experience.  Keep a good record and journalise wherever possible to make the most of your experience.

    I look forward to the opportunity of revisiting Ireland and furthering my knowledge.  So in the meantime, I continue to research and seek answers to the questions I have to ask.

    Good luck on your journey.  Let me know If I can be of assistance.




    Monday 24th August 2020 01:16AM
  • Hello JTRynne,

    I think we have been in touch previously. As you know I also descend from Patrick & Elizabeth Rynne. Did you know that new Death records for 1870s in Ireland were released last week. Still waiting for Patrick's record to be digitised though.

    I found Elizabeth's death registered by her son John, she died on 20 January 1873. Further to the Rynne versus Wren spelling, Elizabeth's surname is recorded as Rynne while her son's surname is recorded as Wren!

    By the way, I was looking for a photo of Patrick's headstone (the reason I found this post on the Net today). Do you have a copy or know where one is recorded?

    All the best,

    Michael Barker


    Michael B

    Sunday 11th October 2020 02:24AM

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