Kilseily (Clare)

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Millane's Cottage 2011
Millane's Cottage 2011

The remains of the original 1700's stone cottage can be seen in front of the new and extended home that was built in 2009.

Millaanstown, Cloontra East.  Not known - I have visited the cottage but have no knowledge of the name of the boreen it's on.


  • The front remnant is the byre where the animals were housed. The blank end of the building facing the byre previously had an opening in the upper part of that wall, giovong air (and one may imagine animal warmth was exchanged and the heat of the internal fire, shared with the pigs/cows in the byre. The children slept in that upper area where the window looked out over the byre. The main family room was entered from the main door (not visible in this rather limited view). I offer this video which I hope will be of some interest.

    I have a massive collection of Millaanstown images I took at the time as it is of course my family history.

    feel free to contact although I do limit what I provide as it is not intended to be internet chaff, I tend to share with only thise who have some real familial connection - but please enjoy my video and do say hi anytime.  I have of course finally connected this house with the evidence I unearthed in 2011/2 that has proven it ot be the family hme, as claimed, of James and Bridget Millane, not only the emigrant James, but also his father and mother ... my theory is that this cottage has been Millane home since Millanes were driven out of Kerry by Cromwell's tyrannical "Act for the settlement of Ireland" which was of course a sham guaged to steal the best lands; thus the ancient Millane druidic clan was split across to Cork and Clare, places like Limerick and all over the Cloontra and nearby areas (Ballycullen etc).


    Sunday 7th July 2019 10:44AM
  • Hello! Thank you so much for posting the lovely video! I would love to connect with you and learn more about our family! My great great grandfather was Michael Nihill who emigrated to San Francisco in 1897. I beleive James was his brother? I hope you will conntact me at and we can compare research. I would love to learn more and even plan a visit to Ireland! So nice to learn of you! ANd I absolutely loved the videos of your music! Your cousin from California, Annie Scott



    Sunday 17th May 2020 09:52AM

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