Killukin Boyle (Roscommon) County Roscommon

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Killukin townland 1850
Killukin townland 1850

Killukin townland lends its name also to the civil parish of Killukin (Barony of Boyle) and the RC Parish of Killucan & Killummod (aka Croghan). Anglicised from the ancient Christian Church of Cill Abhaicín (later replaced by the Church of Ireland). It contains one of the oldest graveyards in these parts. 

The above image is a survey map from the 1850 Estate Court Rentals of Wynne Peyton Esq. At this time the tenant to the entire townland, some 148 acres, was Henry Peyton in trust for George Peyton (a minor) since 1848. Wynne Peyton Esq held this land under Fee-farm Grant from Thomas Johnston Barton at an annual rent of £81. Mr Barton purchased the Perpetuity from the Ecclesiastical Commissioners and the rent was payable according to the provisions of the Church Temporalities Act. 

In the map we can see Killukin Schoolhouse, a substantial Police Barracks, and two Mill buildings near Killukin Graveyard (the graveyard and passage were not included in the survey, nor was Killukin Glebe, where Archdeacon Henry Irwin resided). A sexton's house adjoined the church. 

In 1835, Thomas Dempsey and partners held 50 Irish acres in Killukin Tithe Applotment Records.

By 1857, John Corr was leasing the entire townland (148 acres and herd's house and offices) from Thomas Johnston Barton. The herd's house here was possibly occupied by Joseph & Anne Collins who gave Killukin as their address in 1856 (Wesleyan Methodist baptism records BOYLE). 

In 1865 railway porter Patrick Coyle & Anne Flynn gave birth to a child here. As did Daniel Leddy & Elizabeth Collins and RIC Constable Edward Cullan & Catherine Smyth (by 1876 he was Head Constable at Killukin Barracks). Laborer James Healy & Eleanor Murray baptised here in 1868. 

By 1875, families baptising children with Killukin as their address were:

Richard Barrett & Mary Cosgrove (Richard was a painter

John Farrell & Margaret McDonnell (John was a miller so they must have been residing at Killukin Mill)

James Greham & Margaret McDermott (James was a tinsmith)

Thomas Mannion & Brigid Tracy (Tom was a laborer)

Patrick Doherty & Anne Denin (Patrick was a railway porter)

Patrick Heany & Elizabeth Smith (Pat was a Chimmey Cleaner)

William Alford & Anne Laird (William was a Methodist Minister)

George Laird & Elizabeth Dunlop (farmers) 

Thomas Bell & Jane Maginley (farmers)

In the 1880s ~

Michael Sullivan & Elizabeth Toole (laborer) present in the Census of 1901

Patrick McGovern & Elizabeth Dolan (gardener / labourer)

Michael McNabola & Anne Byron (laborer)

RIC William Robinson & Margaret Atkinson (Killlukin Barracks) 

William Henry Morrison & Frances Mennion (clergyman)

Gentleman farmer George Robert Acheson & Sara Jane Shaw

Terence McLoughlin & Brigid Beirne  (laborer)

From the 1890s ~

RIC Sergeant Archibald Anderson & Mary Masterson (Killukin Barracks)

William Richard Moore & Elizabeth D Cochrane (William was a clerk in Holy Orders)

Charles Mulvey & Mary Moran

William Robinson & Anne Sarsons

Thomas Gralton & Elizabeth Lavin

Charles Pogue & Anne Bannon  (laborer)

20th Century Killukin

Luke Devanny and his brother Bernard Devaney were present here in the 1901 Census (also in 1911)

Patrick Clifford & Annie McNabola (laborer) settled here in 1902 and were present here in the 1911 Census.



PLACENAME Cill Abhaicín, Killukin, Killucan Ireland VIEW SOURCE
ORIENTATION Killukin townland Ireland VIEW SOURCE
Tithe Applotment 1835: Killuken Ireland VIEW SOURCE
Griffith's Valuation: Killukin 1857 Ireland
Census 1901: Killukin DANESFORT Ireland VIEW SOURCE

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