Marmullane (Cork) County Cork

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Marmullane Villa, Passage West, Cork
Marmullane Villa, Passage West, Cork

I believe this house was built by my great great great grandfather Henry Brown.  The information I have found so far is that he was a ship builder in Passage West. I cannot find a DOB but he died 21st Oct 1890.  He was married to Mary Dawson who died 2nd January 1900.  They had a daughter named Mary Brown.  She was born at Marmullane Villa in 1842.  She married William James Craig on Nov 14th 1861.  They had a son named Henry Brown Craig (my great grandfather) born 5th June 1865. He died at Marmullane House (I assume it is the same place as Marmullane Villa) in March 1945.  I know that my grandmother ,Emily Craig also lived at Marmullane for a time when she was growing up as she often mentioned the name.

I know the house is still there although my father thought it had been demolished.  From photos it appeared to get very run down for a time but when I saw it in 2017 it appeared to be in good shape.  I would love to know more about the house and who else has lived there over the years.

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