Carnew (Wicklow)

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Murphys of Ballingate Cottage with thatched roof
Murphys of Ballingate Cottage with thatched roof

Earliest records indicate that this was the home of James Byrne and Sarah Farrell.  Their daughter Mary Byrne (born/baptised 26 Mar 1794) married Mogue Fitzpatrick and raised eight children here.  Their oldest daughter Elizabeth Fitzpatrick (born/baptised 8 January 1827) married Charles Murphy of Kildavin and raised nine children here - two sons and seven daughters.  Their eldest son, Richard Murphy (born/baptised 25 April 1852) lived here until he died in 1940.  His younger brother, Mogue Murphy (born/baptised 13 March 1861) stayed on in the cottage.  He married Catherine Murphy of Liverpool, England and Ballinaberney, Wexford and had ten children.  Their third son, Robert Murphy (born 26 June 1911) lived in the cottage until his death in 1997.



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