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Formerly Navarino Lodge
Formerly Navarino Lodge

Teach Navarino aka Navarino House is a Georgian residence, in the townland of Tullyvohaun near Cavetown. Owned by Viscount Lorton, Navarino has been associated with the Fry family since 1829. According to local lore, the house was named after the Naval Battle of Navarino, in which John D. Fry Esq. (1784-1832) had fought.   

John Dillon Fry (b.1794) aka Lieutenant Fry aka  John Fry Esq. of Acre Lodge aka  John Fry Esq. of Navarino (d.1832) was the son of Henry Fry (1701-1786) and Elizabeth Baker. According to The Navy List, John Dillon Fry was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on 16 May 1814.   In 1815, he was on board the ship that took Napoleon to St. Helena.  He married Anna Maria Roe (1801-1883) daughter of Major Roe, who gave birth to a daughter at Acre Lodge in 1826.  In 1827, he fought in the Battle of Navarino.   By 1830, he and his family had moved Tullyvohaun, Croghan naming their new home "Navarino". Two short years later, having just welcomed their baby daughter, Sarah, John D. Fry Esq. died suddenly at Navarino Lodge, having succumbed to the Cholera Epidemic of 1832. 

John D. Fry, Esq. (1794-1832) married Major Roe's daughter, Maria Roe aka Anna Maria Fry (1801-1883). They had at least 4 daughters, including Ursula Fry (m. Rev. Frederick Hamilton, Estersnow), Anna Maria Fry (m. the Rev. George Garrett) and Sarah C. Fry (1832-1913) the youngest (m. Robert Roe Fry of Frybrook, 1st cousin).

MARRIAGES:  In the Parish Church of Estersnow, Tuesday last, by the Rev. Mr Hamilton, brother-in-law to the bride, the Rev. George Garrett, to Anna Maria, third daughter of the late John Fry, Esq., of Navarino, near this town. [Roscommon & Leitrim Gazette - Saturday 08 November 1851]


On 16 May 1829, John D. Fry of Acre Lodge registered a freehold of £20 for "house and lands at Tullyvohaun, Barony of Boyle". Acres was owned by his father, Henry Fry. On, 26 September 1829 1829, John's father-in-law, Major Roe of Acre Lodge advertised the house and lands at Acres, Ballinameen TO LET from 1 November. In the same issue of the Roscommon & Leitrim Gazette, John D. Fry of Acre Lodge is re-listed as having registered "house and lands at Navarino or Tullyvohaun, Barony of Boyle; freehold value £20". This is very likely the point at which the Fry family moved in and gave the house its name. 

By October 1829, the family had relocated and the name John D. Fry, Navarin first appears [Roscommon & Leitrim Gazette 24 October 1829]. In 1830, James Roe of Navarino registered a freehold of £20 for "Rent-charge on lands of Acres, Barony of Boyle".   



In December 1832, John Fry Esq. of Navarino Lodge died from the Asiatic Cholera Pandemic, which killed some 50,000 people in Ireland. His death notice confirmed he was Royal Navy (half-pay). "It has seldom fallen to our lot to record the death of any individual more deservedly regretted". [Limerick Chronicle 3 December 1832].

CHOLERA  – Within the last week 5 cases of Cholera appeared in this town; 4 of which, we regret to say, proved fatal. It is much to be regretted that an aversion still exists amongst the people, to suffer the afflicted to be conveyed to the Cholera Hospital. Three of the above number died in private houses, and in those too, which, from their confined situation, &c. are well calculated to spread the malady in the town. It is, with much regret we record in our obituary, this day, the death of that deservedly respected character John Fry, Esq. of Navarino Lodge, who after a few hours illness fell a sacrifice to the prevailing epidemic. 

DIED. At his residence, Navarino Lodge, Wednesday evening last, of cholera, John Fry, Esq, half pay, R. N. It has seldom fallen to our lot to record the death of any individual more deservedly and generally regretted.  [Roscommon Journal, and Western Impartial Reporter - 7 December 1832 ].

In 1835,  Navarino Lodge (the term for a simple house or gate-house) appeared on record as the residence of Major John Roe:

Died. At Navarino Lodge, on Sunday last, after short and painful illness, aged but twenty-one years, Emily, daughter of Major Roe. [Roscommon & Leitrim Gazette, 21 March 1835]

The 1837 Ordnance Survey recorded it as Navarino Cottage in the Parish Name books (descriptive remarks). 

"There are 2 good seats in this townland, one called Navarina Cottage and the other Rushfield.  The former is in possession of Mr Fry, the latter in possession of Mr Irwin." 

In February 1839, Mjr. Roe of Navarino (i.e. Major John Roe) advertised the House and lands of Acre Lodge to let.  In April 1839 both James Roe and Major John Roe of Navarino signed petitions in support of, Viscount Lorton [Roscommon & Leitrim Gazette]. In August 1843, they signed a similar petition as "tenants of Vicount Lorton".

In the 1839 Ordnance Survey, Navarino was recorded as one of two ''gentlemen's seats' at Tullyvohaun, barony of Boyle. Navarino was in the name of Mrs Fry (presumably the widow of John Fry Esq.) and valued at £12 16s. The other seat was Rushfield House, in the name of Andrew Irwin.

John Roe Esq. of Navarino also appears in Slater's Directory 1846



By 1845, Navarino House appeared on record as the residence of Henry Fry Esq. a young gentleman farmer.

BOYLE AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY'S CATTLE SHOW  [Roscommon & Leitrim Gazette - Saturday 18 October 1845]

DRAINING 1st Class  – The drains of Henry Fry Esq. of Navarino, are executed in a most superior manner; they amount to 840 Perches and extend over an area of 5 acres. When we consider the magnitude of the work, on so small a farm, accomplished by this young gentleman, in so short a period, we hesitate not a moment in awarding him the first premium in this class, congratulating the society on so enterprising a young farmer, and strongly recommending all our friends personally to examine this effective plan of draining.


In 1857, at the time of Griffith's Valuation, Mrs Anna Maria Fry (widow of a Naval Officer, i.e. John Fry Esq. of Navarino) was recorded as the occupier of Navarino, which was valued at £11. 


In 1861, Mrs Fry of Navarino advertised the neighbouring Rushfield House, to let:

TO BE LET, From the 1st of September next the HOUSE, OFFICES and GARDEN of RUSHFIELD, with or without 16 ACRES of LAND, situated within 2 and a half miles of Boyle, and 2 of Croghan. Scaled proposals will be received by Mrs Fry of Navarino, Boyle. Navarino, 15th October. 1861.

In 1867, she offered the grazing lands at Navarino to let:

GRAZING: TO BE LET, FROM 1st OF MAY NEXT, about 48 acres of Grazing Ground, on the LANDS OF NAVARINO, Application to be made to MRS. FRY, Navarino, Boyle. [Roscommon & Leitrim Gazette - 06 April 1867 ].

In 1871, Robert Roe Fry of Navarino and Mrs Anna Maria Fry (1801-1883) of Navarino register Dog Licences.



OUTRAGES Western Gazette - Friday 12 May 1882 ]

Three heifers, belonging to a farmer named Whelan, were wilfully poisoned one-day last week' by some persons unknown. Two farmers, named Domenick and Michael Duignan, of Rathallen, were waylaid at Long Bridge and brutally beaten, because they had sent cattle to graze on a Boycotted farm, the property of Mrs Fry, Navarino, near Boyle. The life of one of the Duignans is despaired of, and neither of them can identify their assailants. 


Mrs Anna Maria Fry (1801-1883) died at Frybrook, Boyle – the home of her youngest daughter Sarah C. Fry (1832-1913) son-in-law Robert Roe Fry (bank official) present at death.

By 1901, Navarino was the home of Alfred Little and some servants (also Mrs Corcoran and M.A. Dyer in 1906). By 1911, Alfred Little had taken a wife, Jeannie (m. 1904) and two small children had joined him. 

Navarino House and farm are still extant today. 



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