Ardcarn (Roscommon)

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Teach Phort na Darach aka Oakport House was named for the townland in which it was built, Portnadarragh otherwise Oakport (Port na Darach, 'bank of the oak') now officially known as Oakport Demesne. A house is still extant at the site.

In the early 18th century, Oakport was the home of the Rev. William French, fourth son of John French of French Park.

In 1828, William Mulloy Sr. of Oakport (d.1848) was a member of the Grand Panel for county Roscommon. William Mulloy Jr. of Oakport regularly featured on the Grand Jury for Boyle in the 1830s and 40s. The Acheson family appeared to be the agents for Molloy of Oakport at this time.

In 1851, "the estate of Coote Mulloy of Oakport, lately deceased, and continued by William Mulloy Esq. of Oakport, his heir at law; ex parte David Fitzgerald", was ordered for sale by the Encumbered Estates Court and sold in seven lots. [Roscommon Journal, and Western Impartial Reporter - 22 February 1851 ].

By the time of Griffith's Valuation, Oakport House, recorded as "unoccupied", was the property of Captain Thomas William Goff MP. Mr Joseph A. Holmes was his agent.  From 1 April 1853,  Holmes let part of the Demesne at Oakport for grazing to Mr Thomas P. Peyton. In 1855, this land was rented by Mr Hackett. 

In July 1863, "in the matter of the estate of Thomas William Goff Esq", Oakport House and Demesne was put up for sale.

DESCRIPTIVE PARTICULARS This estate forms a portion of the richest and most picturesque district in the, county of Roscommon, adjoining Rockingham the splendid demesne of Viscount Lorton, so celebrated for its beauties. It is situated in the Oakport electoral division of the Boyle Union within four miles from each of the large market towns of Carrick-on-Shannon (Navigation Station on the River), and Boyle (Military Depot), both being Stations on the Extension of the Midland Great Eastern Railway. The lands are bounded on the North and East the Boyle River, a tributary of the Shannon, which forms a handsome lake in front of Oakport House. This Lake contains the finest salmon-trout and other fish in abundance. The steamers plying between Killaloe, Athlone, and Boyle, pass along the lake and river. There are two smaller lakes the demesne, which add to its beauty, and the celebrated Lough Arrow lies within five miles. The county road from Boyle to Knockvicar, Keadue, Ballvfarnoo, and Kilronan Castle, divides Oakport from Rockingham on the west. 

The Lands are on a limestone formation, well circumstanced for farming purposes, being altered by plantings, laid out so to combine usefulness with picturesque effect, and are all of good quality, rich, friable arable, and suited for tillage, pasture, or meadow. The plantations consist of old timber, oak, ash, elm, larch, Scotch fir, and Spruce. There are also several thriving young plantations, laid out in the best and most tasteful manner. The estimated value of the timber is about £3,000, The owner has expended a considerable sum in erecting wire fences around plantations, and other parts of the Lands. 

The Mansion-house is large and capable of being made suitable for the residence of a gentleman of position. It is til noted an elevation, nicely sheltered ornamental timber, and commands a pleasing view of the lakes, and neatly wooded lawn beneath. The roof, about ten years ago, was put into thorough repair at an expense of about £900. There are two approaches, one from the west and the other from the south. On the south-east of the Mansion and Offices is a large and valuable orchard, adjoining well-laid out garden, to which there is a row of hot-houses, feet long, faced with cut stone, modern, well built, and in perfect order, with apartments for a gardener and other requisites. It is filled with fruit trees of the best quality, all in excellent condition, consisting of vines, peaches, and nectarines. The view of part of Rockingham Demesne from this point is very fine. The Farmyard is Iarge and forms a quadrangle. The Stabling and Offices are very extensive. Attached to the Mansion is a Conservatory with Grapery

The Demesne abounds with pheasants and hares, and is one of the best places in Ireland for cock shooting. The game has been strictly preserved for several years. The Kennel of the Boyle and Leitrim Bara tiers in only one mile distant. The Park, containing 88 Irish acres, is well stocked with red and fallow deer. These the purchaser can have at valuation if desired. There is an excellent quarry close to the edge of Oakport Lough, from which blocks of stone, from eight to 12 feet long, and two to three thick, sound and free from the slightest flaw, can bo raised. Tbs parish church Ardcarne is distant only one mile, tad the chapel ofCootehall half mile. There is an annual Regatta held at Rockingham. For Rentals and farther particulars apply the Landed Estates Court Inns-quay, Dublin; to Joseph Arthur Holmes, Esq. Roscommon; to Mr Charles Harrison, Oakport, Boyle, who will show the lands; or to WILLIAM FRY, Solicitor for the Owne and Petitioner, having of the Sale, No. 13, Lower Monnt-street, Dublin. [Roscommon Journal, and Western Impartial Reporter - 4 July 1863 ].

At the time of the 1901 Census, Oakport was the residence of John Rushforth and family, who also appear on the 1911 Census for Oakport

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