Estersnow (Roscommon)

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Teach Thulaigh Bheacháin aka Rushfield House is a Georgian residence, long associated with the Irwin family. Rushfield was a direct translation of the townland in which it was situated (lit. hillock of rushes). 

In 1814 Rushfield House was the residence of John Irwin.

In 1829, Arthur Irwin Esq. of Rushfield applied to the Voters' Registry with a £50 freehold and John Irwin Esq. of Rushfield with a £20 freehold, both for "lands of Treanagry [par. Estersnow] and Cartron [par. ?], by Lease of Lives, at the Barony of Boyle"  [Roscommon & Leitrim Gazette - 02 May 1829 ].

In the 1839 Ordnance Survey, Arthur Irwin is noted as the occupier of one of two ''gentlemen's seats' at Tullyvohaun, barony of Boyle. His residence was valued at £13 40s. The other property, Navarin House, was occupied by a branch of the Fry family (valued at  £11 40s).

In 1857, this property was occupied by William Phibbs / Fibbs at the time of Griffith's Valuation, and valued at £8.

Rushfield House and farm are still extant today. 

[Research by Rua Mac Diarmada 2017]

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    On 23rd May 1846, Arthur Irwin* of Rushfield House, was confronted by a gang of Molly Maguires as he was leaving Frenchpark Fair in his gig. Andrew Irwin** and his neighbour, John Duke*** of Moylurg House, Clogher, who were travelling a little ahead of him in a separate gig, turned around and came to his aid. One of the attackers was reportedly drowned during the altercation. (Source: Roscommon & Leitrim Gazette)

    *Arthur Irwin was the son of John Irwin of Rushfield. He married Ellen Sherlock, daughter of Captain William Theopilus and Catherine Sherlock of Mount Irwin, Co. Sligo, on 7th October 1841. In 1853, the estate of William and Catherine Sherlock was offered for sale in the Encumbered Estates Court. The petitioners were Eleanor and Honoria Irwin. The Freeman's Journal reported that it was bought in trust by a Mr Crawford for more than £3,000 [roughly £374,000 in 2020]. (Source: Freeman’s Journal, 12th October 1841, Landed Estates Database). Mount Irwin House no longer exists.

    **Andrew Irwin lived at Ballymore in Boyle, Co. Roscommon. He held more than 700 acres in Co. Galway and was leasing Ballymore House from Alex Popham at the time of Griffith’s Valuation. Andrew Irwin died on 26th December 1875 aged 66 and left £6,000 [roughly £679,230 in 2020] in his Will to his son, John Irwin, of the same address. Sadly, John Irwin died three years later, in 1878, aged 33.

    ***John Duke of Moylurg House [see separate entry].


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