St Georges (Dublin)

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No. 2 Denmark Street was a private school for boys in the 1830s. The Rutland Square Seminary for General Education was established on 15 September 1817. It taught CLASSICS, SCIENCE, ENGLISH LITERATURE, and POLITE ACCOMPLISHMENTS and had room for 12 boarders. Its Preparatory School (for the Senior School) accepted 20 boys. Terms—Twenty Guineas per annum ; and for the Preparatory School. Ten Guineas, payable quarterly, in advance. Primarily located at No. 2, Great Denmark -street, they also used No. 77, Marlborough-street in 1822 and No. 17, PALACE-ROW, RUTLAND-SQUARE NORTH in 1824. The founding principal was the Rev. G. N. WRIGHT A. M. Principal. By 1830, the Rev. William Jones A.M. was principal. Among it's students were Charles Lever, the novelist. The School Committee 1824 President: The Right Hon. Lord Viscount Castlemaine | Robert Johnston, Esq. K. C. | John Ball Esq. | William. Dix, Esq. | John Leland, Esq. | Andrew Johnston, Esq. | William Goddard, Esq. John Deering, Esq. | R. H. French, Esq. | T. J. White, Esq. | J. Thompson, Esq. James Geraghty, Esq. | Sedb. Mayne, Esq. | Rev. H. Griffin, F. T C. D. (Not to be confused with another private school at Grenville Street). In modern times, No 1 & 2 Great Denmark Street are known as Barry's Hotel.

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  • I've read about this school on one more resource. It is said that there has been some special curriculum that ensures the fast integration of students into the educational process. I suppose that it's great, and I've also found this informative post on different assessments and curriculum that are used in modern school\colleges and so on. I think that it's an interesting field to investigate and compare different approaches.  


    Friday 23rd July 2021 05:00PM
  • Nice old school architecture


    Wednesday 21st September 2022 05:16PM

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