Kells (Meath)

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St Columba's Church of Ireland Belfry
St Columba's Church of Ireland Belfry

St Columcille's Church of Ireland Bellfry is located in Townparks in the civil parish of Navan, County Meath

The Church was built in the 16th century. 

A limestone spire was added in 1783.



Inventory of Architectural Heritage Ireland VIEW SOURCE

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  • I am sure it is St Columba's not St Columcille's


    Sunday 16th August 2020 01:40PM
  • According to the Inventory of Irish Architectural Heritage this is St Columcille's. There is a St Columba's in Kells if that is what you're thinking of

    Chronicles Editor

    Thursday 20th August 2020 09:54AM
  • Yes Kells, Co. Meath. The Church of Ireland parish church in Kells is dedicated to St Columba not St Columcille. Same person but it is nice to respect the naming as used. The Inventory of Irish Architectural Heritage is wrong to use that version of the name. Zoom in on the sign in their photographs. It clearly says St Columba's. 

    Also I don't think Kells is in the civil parish of Navan. Clicking on the link to 'Map' brings you to St Mary's church in Navan. Also Communities associated with this building are Newgrange and Navan. This page is seriously messed up!


    Thursday 20th August 2020 01:26PM
  • Feel free to use the Edit function

    Chronicles Editor

    Friday 21st August 2020 09:22AM

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