Killeenadeema Aille Leitrim (Galway)

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St Dympna's Well, Kilnadeema
St Dympna's Well, Kilnadeema

St Dympna's Well is located in Kilnadeema West, just outside of Loughrea, County Galway. 

The site consists of a statue of St Dympna, a small well of spring water, and a stone seat where St Dympna is said to have rested. 

The bushes and trees which surround the site are adorned with rosary beads and rags left behind as tribute to St Dympna. 

St Dympna is the patron saint of mental illness and the water from this well, combined with a particular prayer are believed to ease afflictions of this nature. 

The water is also believed to have curative properties for afflictions of the eye. 

A church which also bear the name of St Dympna is located on a hill looking down on the well. 

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