Inis Mor (Galway)

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Image of Teaglach Éinne from
Image of Teaglach Éinne from

St Enda's Monastery is located in Killeany on Inis Mór, the largest of the Aran Islands just off the coast of County Galway. 

It was founded, by St Enda, in the early sixth century. At the time, Killeany was the main port of Inish Mór. Though St Enda's is just one of many monastic sites on the Aran Islands, it is the most important one historically as it was the first monastery to be established on the islands. 

There were once as many as six churches at Killeany, today only 2 stand, and in poor condition at that. The other 4 were dismantled and the stone repurposed for the construction of a defensive fort. 

What remains of the monastery today are an oratroy (small prayer chapel) called Temple Benan, a structure called Teaglach Éinne (the house of Enda), and the base of a round tower. There is also an associated Holy Well called Tobar Éinne which is thought to cure infertility. 


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