Tralee (Kerry)

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From the Lawrence Collection ©
From the Lawrence Collection ©

Tralee Barracks aka Ballymullen Barracks was built local militia units between 1810 and 1815.

  • In 1873 the barracks became the depot for the 101st Regiment of Foot (Royal Bengal Fusiliers) and 104th Regiment of Foot (Bengal Fusiliers).
  • In 1881, these regiments amalgamated to form the Royal Munster Fusiliers here.
  • The Royal Munster Fusiliers were disbanded in 1922. 

Following Irish independence, the barracks were taken over by the forces of the Free State in August 1922. A newly refurbished headquarters block was opened at the barracks in April 2002.

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Type of Building:

Police or Military


  • Dear Friends, My Grandfather John Charles Slattery served here. His Spouse was Hanora Hoare.  I am attempting to locate his son: Eamon D Slattery (Whom I never met) I pray and hope you can help me, with pictures, memories and anecdotes. They originated from County Clare. 


    Monday 22nd August 2022 04:33PM
  • Honora Shanahan my G Grandmother; According to my Grandmothers birth certificate her mother was born in Ballymullen Tralee about 1858. I have hit a brick wall with my family research.


    Sunday 15th January 2023 05:09AM

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