Tumna (Roscommon) County Roscommon

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In November 1850 the tenants of the townland of Tumna were recorded in the Estate Rentals of Wynne Peyton Esq. (landlord)

Each tenant was on a year-to-year lease determinable annually on the 25th of March (Gale days were 25 March and 29 September):

Frank Rountree (7 acres, annual rent £4 16s 6p)

Douglas Boyd (30 acres, annual rent £17 8s 0p)

Pat Dunne (47 acres, annual rent £26 12s 0p)

Bernard Kelagher (10 acres, annual rent £6 3s 0p)

Edward McGreevy (11 acres, annual rent £6 3s 0p)

Anthony Kielty (13 acres, annual rent £9 10s 0p)

Pat McLoughlin (11 acres, annual rent £7 0s 0p)

Michael McGowan (13 acres, annual rent £8 0s 0p)

Pat Hagerty (12 acres, annual rent £8 4s 10p)

Michael McGowan (13 acres, annual rent £8 8s 0p)

Widow Crofton (8 acres, annual rent £5 8s 0p)



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