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the fire dance of old when the gaelic scotae Milesians arrive in eire for a visit fado fado long long ago

on the summit of beltany hill just a mile from raphoe there stands one of the finest stone circles in eire reputedly older than Stonehenge it consists of 64 standing stones out of an original 80 the stones range in height from 4 feet to 9 feet 1.2 metre to 2,7 metres high above ground while the diameter of the circle is 145 feet 44.2 metres to the south east of the circle is a standing stone 6 feet 2 metres high beltony is a corruption of baal tine the fire of baal this suggests that the inhabitants of this area 2000bc worshipped baal the sun god and ruler of nature tradition tells us that the principal ceremonies were performed at the summer solstice a sacred fire was lit in the centre of the circle of stones which represented the stars and fire of the sun god baal  and you can take it from me that on may 5th beltine as gaelic they gathered there as they did 1701bc years ago fado fado sin sceil eile   

35i ithe after being also further informed that the three brothers 3 kings were at this time up in the north in the ulster province at aileach nead stone horse nead their palace aileach neid stone horse where they were engaged in the settlement of some disputes settling a personal dispute over their family treasures concerning the family jewels 35i ithe sending orders to his son sent back word to his son 36ii lewy luy lughaidh to sail about with their ships and the rest of the men up to there and they would then meet up with their other group there  ithe directed his course thither

35i when ithe was to arrive there first and where he met up with the danann brothers the 3 kings mac cuill mac ceach and mac grian and he was honourably received and entertained by them they all got on so well and finding him to be a man of great wisdom and knowledge they referred their disputes to him for decision and that he was able to assist them to arrive at a sensible solution to their personal dispute that decision having met their entire satisfaction but he made the mistake of telling them what a great looking country eire was and ithe exhorted them to mutual love peace and forbearance adding much in praise of their delightful pleasant and fruitful country and then took his leave to return to his ship and go back to spain which made them the brothers realise no sooner than he had gone and after reflection on the high commendations which ithe gave of the island and suspecting his design that he might return bringing others with more gaels to invade it and try and take over eire resolved to prevent them and therefore pursued him with a strong party overtook him  along the way as he was leaving their presence with his group to meet up with 36ii lewy luy lughaidh  the 3 tuatha de danann kings decided to attack 35i ithes party of scota gaels they fought them and routed them defeating them with 35i ithe mortally wounded to death during the conflict at a place called from that fight and his name magh ithe the plain of ithe in what is now the barony of raphoe in county Donegal before his son or the rest of his men left on shipboard could come to the rescue when 36ii lewy luy lughaidh finally found him he gathered up his injured body and took him back to spain where he showed it to the scota gaels there who were very upset and out for revenge   

Dinshenchus topographical poems of eireann probably transcribed in 1160ad by giolla gilla na naomh hua duinn  91-93 number 19  mag bolg  magh ithe or the plain of ithe an extensive plain in the barony of raphoe county Donegal  19  mag bolg   mag itha plain in the south of Donegal barony of raphoe where the rivers finn and deele converge to meet the foyle near Strabane  the plain where we are met in silence high mag itha of the chilly banks was called mag bolg mighty in battle till the death of illustrious ith      ith son of breogan numerous in exploits came leading the bands of his noble kin till he found erin abounding in hidden peril he rested not in his resolute career he reached the ailech of the rock that ancient land of nobles with its king of broad fotla and the three sons of cermait then said he in fluent speech dwell ye together in kinship and unity goodly is the island where you are no paltry renown plentiful its fish and its various fruitage temperate its heat and cold happy the kings that own it of night never found I land or territory to match its mingled colours he journey from thence it was no mean array till he reached mag bolg of the cow pastures  a glittering host came without warning to slay and destroy him ith son of breogan lasting his fame was killed and conquered there even in mag bolg of the cattle lord whoever he be he ranked as chief of many a plain

whence his son having found him in that condition brought his dead and mangled body back into spain and there exposed it to public view thereby to excite his friends and relations to avenge his murder the exposing of the body of ithe had the desired effect

note that all the invaders and planters of eire were originally scythians and of the line of japbet namely

1 cessair daughter of bith son of noah

2 parthalonians partholon son of magog son of Japheth

3 fomorians  ham descendants

4 nemedians neimhedh sons of simaith simeon son of aduam bau son of magog

5 firbolg rudraige sengann greek Scythian

6 fir domnann  gammans gann greek Scythian

7 galelions   slainge  greek Scythian

8 tuatha de danann + ogham   Norway   Eiru had the ogoma of ogma

9 lochlann northern isles britton alba

10 clan na ngael Scythian

11 clan scotae  Egyptian

12 clan seang Scythian queen of the gadelians gaels or gadelians of the elian race

13 clan breogan of north alba

14 milesians sons of mil clan na mile scythians seang  Egyptians scota scotae scotia scottii queen of the Milesians   ir of irene and  Spanish Scythian Egyptian mil

All 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13 14 had the oral language called bearla tobbai gaelic or gaoidhilg q qert cert common amongst them all and consequently not to be wondered at that ithe and the Tuatha de danann understood one another without an interpreter both speaking the same oral language though perhaps with some difference in the accent and the idioms

26th  twentysixth generation

**************124] 35i ith ithe ithu son of 34 breogan and it was to be 35i ithe the brother of 35v bile bille who was to be up on the high tower on a cold winter night and thought that he could see a far western isle in the distance and because of this he was to decide to carry out an expedition with a small fleet of ships to go and seek out this distant island and he was to become the first of the scota gaels to land in inish ealga eire erinn elga ir eire in the ancient gaelic elg is a name for pig and this name was given to eire because it wore the semblance of a pig when ith son of breogan saw the island out of spain from the top of breogans tower

the issue of ithe is not accounted among the Milesian gaelic or clan na mile as not being descended from milesius but from his uncle ithe of whose posterity there were also some monarchs of eire and many provincial kings of munster that country upon its first division being allocated to the sons of heber and to lughaidh son of ithe whose posterity continued there accordingly

the Bodleian dinnshenchas author whitley stokes p469 in the name of the father and the son and the holy ghost amen this below the story of the noteworthy steeds of eire which amirgin macauley a poet of the desi to wit the poet of diarmait son of cerball composed he it is who made demand of fintan son of bochra at tara when there was a great gathering of the folk of erin round diarmait son of cerball and flann febla son of scannlan saint patricks successor and cennfaelad son of ailill son of eogan son of niall and fintan son of bochra the chief elder of eire and amirgin fasted on fintan for three days and three nights in the presence of the men of erin both boys and girls at tara so that fintan might declare to him the true stories of the noteworthy steads of the island of erin since he fintan had dismissed ? every person and every tribe from it from the time of cessair the maiden of the greeks of Scythia she was the first that occupied eire to the reign of diarmait son of cerball hence said the poet cuan ua lochan tara teltown land of assembly etc  see above for full list since cessair  

52 mag nitha mag nitha the plain of ith from ith son of breogan who was killed there in battle against a host of spectres and against the Tuatha de danann     or

when ith son of breogan went out of spain with thirty ships to irrus corco duibne in erin he fared throughout eire northwards to ailech neit a place wherein with nechtain red hand king of fomorians were three kings of eire to wit macc cuill macc cecht and macc grene since out of bitterness they were spiteful and envious towards ith he bade then farewell and went on to mag nitha where he was killed because of his goodness and his worth wherefore to avenge him lugh son of iths wife sailed to eire with thirty ships whence is said

ith son of breogan a victory not fame  in mag nitha was killed men in the form of slaves despatched him                   for spite and for envy  

1699bc inis ealga eire   27th  twentyseventh generation

**************137] 36ii galamh galav gallamh golamh warrior gollamh warrior or milesius the celtic warrior hero of spain mil miled mile easpain mil espaine was a son of and succeeded his father 35v bile bille brother of ithe    Mileth mo maic bile maic breogaint whose gaelic name was originally gallamh gollamh warrior gallamhs name would be later changed by the celtic gaelic monks to milesius from the latin term mileadh warrior and from there shortened to mil and he was to succeed his father after his death as the 3rd gaelic king of Galicia now corunna in spain Andalusia Murcia and briga castile and portugual and he was to also become the direct male line ancestor of the celtic aristocratic warriors known later on as the gaelic Milesians in eire this would be through 3 of his 8 sons who were to make the second gaelic expedition to ealga eire who carried out an expedition in 1699ad to eire seeking their isle of destiny and revenge for the death of their uncle 35i ithe who had been slain there by another Scythian sept the Tuatha de danann who were recorded as being fair haired honourable tall and musical mil upon learning that his uncle ith had been murdered by the three resident kings the danans in eire he gathered an army to take his revenge on the gaels    so mil then made great preparations for a large expedition to eire but he died before they were ready to go and embark on the trip in order to invade eire as well as to avenge his uncles death as also in obedience to the will of his gods signified by the prophecy of cachear aforesaid but before he could effect that object he died leaving in care and charge of that expedition upon his eight legitimate sons by his two wives before mentioned

He was succeeded heber donn from Scythia his eldest son and  

erimon eiremhom heremon from Egypt his youngest son

both joint rulers of spain

and it was left up to scota scotae scotia scottii  his 8 surviving sons and 36ii lewy luy lughaidh to lead the gaelic aristocratic warriors on the expedition back to eire   the exposing of the dead body of ithe had the desired effect for thereupon milesius made great preparations in order to invade eire as well as avenge his uncles death as also in obedience to the will of his gods signified by the prophecy of cachear aforesaid but before he could effect that object he died leaving the care and charge of that expedition upon his eight legitimate sons by his two wives before mentioned seang of Scythia and scota scotae scotia scottii of pharaonic Egypt milesius was a very valiant champion a great warrior and fortunate and prosperous in all his undertakings witness his name of milesius given to him from the many battles some say a thousand which the word mil signifies in gaelic as well as in latin which he victoriously fought and won as well in spain as in all other countries and kingdoms he traversed in his younger days the eight brothers were neither forgetful nor negligent in the execution of their fathers command but soon after his death with a numerous fleet well manned and equipped set forth from breoghans tower or grigantia now corunna in Galicia in spain and sailed prosperously to the coasts of eire or inis fail  and the rest is history

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