4th December 1848
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EMIGRATION Plymouth, Dec. 10th: ”There are now single Irish females, orphans, and few married couples, here, about to proceed to Australia in the Digby. They arrived in the depot on Monday last (Dec 4th) by one of the Irish steamers. [Roscommon Messenger - 27 Dec 1848]

"The Digby has orders on that day (December 4th) to ship her passengers for the same destination (South Australia). They will consist exclusively of another batch of Irish girls, picked from the Irish unions." [The Ipswich Journal - 2 Dec 1848]


FROM:    DUBLIN 4th December 1848 via PLYMOUTH 16TH DECEMBER 1848
TO:         PORT JACKSON (arrivied) 4TH APRIL 1849

SHIP Tonnage 756

MASTER Willliam Tabor (& Mrs Tabor)

CREW  45

STEERAGE (GOVERNMENT IMMIGRANTS) 22 Married People,  234 Orphan Girls

DOCTOR Dr Neville

H.O. Report: 8 cases of Typhus fever during the voyage. (1ST CASE 11TH JAN 1849, LAST CASE 19TH JAN 1849) 

2 died:

Mary Ferguson age 17 Died of typhous

C Duggan Died 18th Jan


Source: State Records Authority of New South Wales: Shipping Master's Office; Passengers Arriving 1826 - 1900; Part Colonial Secretary series covering 1845 - 1853, reels 1272 [4/5227] -1280 [4/5244]. Transcribed by Gloria Sheehan.

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