25th November 1802
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Sun (London) - Thursday 02 December 1802

Friday night last eleven villains entered the dwelling-house of Mr PATRICK DOLLARD, of Balcunnin, near the Man of War, and after extorting from him, by severe abuse, where his money was deposited, robbed him of near six hundred pounds, with which they got clear off. 

Saunders's News-Letter - Thursday 25 November 1802

WHEREAS on the night of the 19th of the of November last, my dwelling-house, at Balcunnin, county of Dublin, was entered by a number of armed men, at seven o'clock in the evening, who robbed the same of money and securities to a considerable amount, and particularly two notes for £100 each, of Messrs. Finlay and Co. one No. 991 dated 5th March, 1802, and, the other No. 64, dated 14th May, 1802. It is requested that if either of the above Notes should be offered in payment, they may be stopped, and notice to Mr Wisdom No.9, Middle Gardiner-street. Dated this 20th Nov. 1802. PATRICK DOLLARD

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