20th October 1828
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The Brunswick Clubs or Brunswick 'constitutional' Clubs formed the nucleus of an ultimately doomed campaign to deny Catholics the right to enter both houses of the British parliament.

 [Roscommon & Leitrim Gazette - Saturday 01 November 1828]


Brunswick Constitutional


AT a Meeting of the Protestant Inhabitants of the town Boyle and its Vicinity, held in the Courthouse on the 20th day of October instant, assembled for the purpose of Publishing a Branch of the BRUNSWICK CONSTITUTIONAL CLUB

— Colonel Lloyd having been called to the Chair, the following Resolutions were severally put and unanimously agreed to:– 

1st Resolution – Proposed by Charles Costello, Esq.; Seconded by Dr. Hall. —That a Club be now formed, to be Called the BOYLE BRUNSWICK CONSTITUTIONAL CLUB, on the principles of supporting the Integrity of our Constitution; And that this Club be in communication with the Brunswick Constitutional Club of Ireland. 

2nd. Resolution—Proposed by Robert Holt Truel, Esq.; Seconded by Edward Barlow, Esq.—That all persons now present who choose to subscribe to the foregoing Resolution, shall be considered Members, with such others as have signified their intention of enrolling their names. 

3rd. Resolution—Proposed by John Irwin, Esq.; Seconded by John Powell, Esq.—That all persons who snail hereafter be desirous of becoming Members shall be admitted upon the recommendation of three of the Committee. 

4th Resolution —Proposed by Robert Elwood, Esq.; Seconded by Thomas Kirkwood, Esq.'—That this Club shall be regulated by a President, Vice-Presidents, Treasurer, Secretary, and Committee—That The Right Hon. Viscount Lorton, be requested to accept the office of President— Colonel Lloyd, William Robert Wills, Charles Costello, John Ffolliott, and Owen Lloyd Esqrs. The Very Rev. Dean Ffrench, and the Rev. J. H. Gouldsbury be requested to accept the office of Vice-Presidents. —Morgan Crofton, Esq. that of Treasurer, and John Robertson, Esq., that of Secretary; and that the following Gentlemen be named on the Committee, with power to add to their number: Robert Elwood, Esq. John Powell, Esq, . Henry Fry, Esq. Charles S. Peyton, Esq: Rev. Thomas Hackett, Edward Barlow-Esq. John Irvin, Esq. Thomas Irwin, Esq. Owen Young, Esq. Joseph Sandford, Esq; Owen Thomas Lloyd, Esq. Coote Mulloy, Esq: John Roe, Esq. Rev. Thomas Crawford; Henry Fry, jun. Esq. Robert Jones Lloyd, Esq; Thomas Kirkwood, Esq. William Morton, Esq. any four of whom, with the President or Vice- President; to form a Quorum. 

5th Resolution —Proposed by Capt. Lloyd; Seconded by Thomas Irwin-, Esq.—that, in order to give every Protestant an opportunity of manifesting his desire to defend our invaluable Constitution, this momentous crisis, the Subscription shall be from One Guinea to Five Shillings, according to the ability of the person, to be paid annually in advance, or before the first of November, —And that all sums above One Guinea, shall be considered as Donations. 6th Resolution —Proposed by Owen Young, Esq.; Seconded Arthur Irwin, Esq.—That if any Member of this Club, shall have paid a Subscription to airy other Brunswick Club, he shall be exempt from paying any further subscription for the present year. 

7th Resolution —Proposed Major Roe; Seconded by Tobias Peyton, Esq.—That the object and design of this Club be to establish a firm union and general co-operation amongst all classes of Protestants, at this eventful period. 

8th Resolution— Proposed by Owen Lloyd, Esq.; Seconded Edward H. Fry, Esq.— That it is the bounden duty of every Protestant, to stand forth with determined loyalty, in support of, and make every sacrifice (however great,) which the emergency may demand, for the preservation of the Constitution, established upon the principles of the Glorious Revolution of 1688. 

9th RESOLUTION—Proposed by the Rev. Francis Gregg: Seconded by Joseph Sandford, Esq.—That be the duty of every Member of this Club, to discourage as much as possible, every proceeding which could be constituted into, or which might lead to offense or insult to any class of our fellow-countrymen. 

10th Resolution —Proposed by Coote Mulloy, Esq.; Seconded by John D. Fry, Esq.— That as this Club is not formed in hostility to any portion of his Majesty's subjects, but solely for the purpose of upholding and maintaining the integrity of our Constitution in Church and State, it shall be Open for admission to all denominations of Christians,- who are willing to Subscribe to its principles, and observe its Rules and Regulations. 

11th Resolution —Proposed by C. J. Peyton, Esq.; Seconded John Cranston, Esq.—That the Committee meet on the first Monday in every Month; and that this Club shall assemble, whenever required to do so by the Committee. OWEN LLOYD, Chairman. 

12th Resolution —Proposed Robert Elwood, Hsq.; Seconded by The Rev. P. Gregg. —That Colonel Lloyd, leave the’ Chair, and that Charles Costello,- Esq. be called thereto. When it was unanimously resolved- —That the thanks of this Meeting are justly due, and are hereby given to Colonel Lloyd, for his very proper and dignified conduct in the Chair. CHARLES COSTELLO, Chairman.

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