23rd August 1866
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As published in the Clare Journal

A List of Cess Payers, appointed by the Grand Jury at Summer Assizes, 1866, Nine of whom are to be associated with the Magistrates at each Special Sessions: 


  • John Davoren, Ballymurphy
  • Michael Hynes, New Quay
  • Thomas Cahill, Ballymurphy
  • John Christy, Ballyahbon
  • Thomas Curtin, Muckinish
  • John Glynn, Castletown
  • Michael Lee, Baar
  • Patt Kerrin, Acres
  • Daniel Callaghan, Ballyconoe
  • Michael Hynes, Noughaval
  • John Hynes, Ballybehane
  • Thomas Glynn, Fahey
  • Pat Tully, Tarmon
  • Michael McNamara, Cahercloggane
  • Patt Hynes, Ballybehan
  • William Driscoll, Derreen
  • Patt Hynes, Noughaval
  • Michael O’Loghlen, Cullaun aka Cullane. 

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