25th December 1830
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Roscommon & Leitrim Gazette - Saturday 25 December 1830

Local Intelligence


We regret to find that the spirit of outraged opposition to the powers that be, are now almost in full operation in this neighbourhood. 'Captain Rock' and his followers are becoming very active here, and almost every night the marauding troops are out and regularly marshalled. It appears as the forces increase corresponding exertion is made to provide them with fire-arms and the means of using them. We are really at a loss to know what these emerald patriots can now have in view—what favourite scheme in contemplation ?

On the night of Friday last, an armed party of men, under the command of Captain Rock, entered an out house, occupied by a herd, belonging to Mr. Conmee, of Kingsland, (within about four miles of this town) and after forcing an entrance, they searched the house for arms.—- As soon as the fellows left the place, the herd informed his master of the circumstance, when the younger Mr. Conmee instantly went in pursuit of the Rockiles, and having come with them just as they were about leaving Murran's house (which they had also forcibly entered) he discharged gun at them, upon the explosion of which, the fellows made off in every direction.

On the night of Saturday last, an armed party of men, who stated themselves to be under the command of Captain Rock, entered, (in several instances, forcibly) no less than twenty-five houses, in the pursuit of arms and money, in the direction between this town and Eastersnow, Cavetown, Ardcarne, etc. On the night of Saturday last, an armed party of Rockitcs visited eleven houses, the above neighbourhood, which, it appears, they neglected to search on the previous night.—The party entered nine houses of the above number, without any opposition but were resisted in the houses of Thomas Madden, and Michael Forde, of Knockroe. At Thomas Madden’s, of Knockroe, they attempted to break the door and window, upon which Madden fired, when shot was returned from without: after waiting some time, and threatening to burn the house, they went off. At Ford’s, they also attempted to force entrance, but did not succeed. The inmates of the other houses, were sworn to leave money at a neighbouring house. Pat Mathews, after the fellows went off, followed them, and got sight of the party, but was afraid to close with them.

On hearing of the foregoing outrages, the Police went out and summoned the parties before Captain Lloyd, the nearest Magistrate, whom they were duly examined, and the depositions forwarded to Government. On Sunday night several parties of the Police were in the neighbourhood ; but did not succeed in falling in with any of the Rockiles.


On the morning of Sunday last, (between 1 and 2 o’clock) an attempt was made break into the shop of Mr. Michael McDermott, of Boyle town. The wretches, it is more than probable, would have carried their intentions into effect, were it not that the noise caused by the breaking of the glass, which they found necessary to remove in order to effect an entrance, caught the attention of the workmen (who were fortunately in Mr. McDermott's bake-house) and induced them to proceed to the front of the house, when the robbers instantly descried them and decamped. This is the second burglary which took place in this town within the last fortnight.

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