20th August 1832
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Mayo Constitution - Monday 20 August 1832

We are sorry to learn that cholera continues to rage with frightful violence in Sligo, and a large number of the most respectable inhabitants have already fallen victims. The malignity with which it seizes upon all ages and classes is truly alarming, and very few hours are sufficient to bring the strongest and healthiest to the grave. Several persons have dropped down in the streets, the shops are all closed, and despair upon the countenances of all those who had not the means to fly out of town.

Were we to give currency to a fourth part of the list of respectable merchants, shopkeepers, and medical men who are stated to have already fallen a prey to it, we would probably occasion much unnecessary pain to their friends and relatives in various parts of the country, but the following are, webelieve, well authenticated:—

  • Mr. Bolton, proprietor of the Sligo Journal,
  • Doctor Murray,
  • Mr. Church, apothecary,
  • Mr. Pat. O’Connor, Timber Merchant, and two of his servants,
  • Surgeon Anderson,
  • Captain Knott, late of Battlefield,
  • Mrs. Hoban of Newport, &c.

The total number of cases is about 200, and the deaths amount to 117, as well as we have been able to make out from the various contradictory accounts. Doctor Osborne of Dublin is at present assisting the medical gentlemen of Sligo. 


  • The Mr Bolton, proprietor of the Sligo Journal, mentioned, was my 3x great grandfather

    Maree Cartmill Brown

    Wednesday 27th May 2020 02:59AM
  • Wow... we'd love if you added him to our Ancestors shout-out for Sligo town on https://irelandxo.com/ireland/sligo/st-johns


    Wednesday 27th May 2020 08:02AM
  • I am a descendant of the Downey name in Sligo. A ship carrying Jane Street and her husband William Downey and daughter Mary Jane and son William, left in 1832 or 1833. William died of the plague enroute to Canada. Jane was pregnant with my second great grandmother, Rebecca. Rebecca was born in 1833 in Canada. 
    I will be visiting Ireland and Sligo next March 2023. Are there people who know these ancestors and others possibly related? I can give dates, but they may be correct or not.


    Friday 18th November 2022 11:54PM

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