13th December 1822
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Auxiliary to the British & Irish Ladies' Society, the Co. Roscommon Ladies' Association was formed "for ameliorating the condition of the female peasantry in Ireland". Their main activities were fundraising to support industry (spinning and weaving) and education (the patronage of schools).


At a MEETING of Ladies held at  Elphin, on Firday 13 December 1822 *, the Prospectus of “The British and Irish Ladies' Society for Improving the condition of the Female Peasantry of Ireland" having been read, the following Resolutions were agreed to:

1st Resolution—That with a view to bring into immediate operation the benevolent designs of "The British and Irish Ladies’ Society,” an Association be now formed under the title of "The County Roscommon Ladies' Association” which shall have for its object the Encouraging and Assisting District Associations, formed for the purpose of Promoting Industry, Good Order, Cleanliness and Comfort amongst the Female Peasantry of the County. .

2nd Resolution – That Benefactors of Five Pounds, and Annual Sunscribers of One Pound, be deemed Members of this Association, which shall be under the direction of the Patroness, Vice Patronesses, Treasurer, Secretaries,' and Committee of Twelve (or more) Ladies, to meet once a Quarter, or oftener should occasion require ; notice of such additional Meeting being given One Week previous thereto.—Five Members are competent to act.

3rd —That the Viscountess Lorton be requested to act as Patroness, the Lady Charlotte Crofton, the Lady Hartland, Lady King, Mrs. Sandford, Mrs. Leslie, Mrs. Tenison, and Mrs. Lloyd, as Vice Patronesses of this Association ; also, that the following Ladies be requested to form the Central Committee for the ensuing year:

Mrs. Wilis, Mrs. Strictland, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. French, Mrs. Conry, Mrs. Balfe, Mrs. O'Conor, Mrs F. Conry, Mrs. Goff, Mrs. Kelly, Mrs. Grace, Mrs. O. Lloyd.

4th Resolution—That Mrs. Leslie be requested to act as Treasurer; Mrs French and Mrs Smith as Secretaries and Mrs C. Smith as Assistant Secretary.

5th Resolution—That for the purpose of diffusing a desire for improvement throughout the County, the members of the Association do forthwith endeavour form Committees in their respective Baronies –  the Baronial Committees select each its own Patronesses, YTreasurer and Secretaries; meet once every month and furnish the Central Committee with a Report of their proceedings at each of the Quarterly Meetings.

6th Resolution—That the Local Committees do endeavour to obtain Subscriptions in aid of the Funds of the Association, and transmit such to the Treasurers, the first Monday of every month. All Sums received to be at the disposal of the Central Committe who is hereby authorised to correspond with the British and Irish Ladies’ Society in London, and adopt such Regulations as it may deem expedient for promoting so desirable a measure, as the improvement of our Female Peasantry.

7th Resolution —That Subscription be now entered into, and that each Member exert herself to promote the object for which the Association is formed.

8th Resolution— That Viscountess Lorton be requested to forward a Copy of these Resolutions to the British and Irish Ladies’ Society in London, and to express the strong feeling of gratitude entertained by every individual of this Association, for the kind and generous endeavours of that Society to ameliorate the condition the Female Peasantry of Ireland.


For the first Annual Report of this Association, see Roscommon & Leitrim Gazette - Saturday 21 February 1824 (pg 4)

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