1st January 1858
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Warder and Dublin Weekly Mail - Saturday 06 February 1858

At Croghan Petty Sessions the other day, the court was unusually crowded from a report that Roman Catholic clergyman (the Rev Fr Peter O'Connor PP) was summoned under the charge of having violently entered the Post-office of for the purpose of obtaining his letters, between the hours of three and four o’clock on Sunday, and for having abused assaulted the sub-postmaster, by striking him with a stick, and also for having used unbecoming language, such "You Orange scut,” and other similar expressions. The investigation occupied the bench the entire day. The opinion of the magistrates appeared divided on the subject – two were for sending the trial to the assizes, and two for a dismissal, the consequence was that the decision of the bench was postponed for a fortnight.