1st October 1859
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Daisy Bates was born Margaret Dwyer in County Tipperary, Ireland in 1859. Her mother, Bridget (née Hunt), died of tuberculosis in 1862. Her father married Mary Dillon in 1864 and died en route to the United States, so she was raised in Roscrea by relatives, and educated at the National School in that town.

DAISY (O'Dwyer) BATES. .Daisy Bates (Australian author) (1859–1951), Australian journalist, author, amateur anthropologist and lifelong student of Indigenous Australian culture and society

On this the 160th anniversery of her birth . . .at No.2 Main St.,ROSCREA, Co.Tipperary, Ireland  . . . it is timely to bring a wonderful new book to your attention. . .  worldwide. .  a truly remarkable read , especially for the people of Roscrea . . Ireland. .  and Australia.
Many books have been written and documentaries filmed . .  on her life and times. .  especially pertaining to her work with the Aboriginal peoples of Australia . . .  but this book is remarkably different  . . it tells the human struggle of a remarkable woman . .  to change the circumstance of her awful family life and of her poverty stricken upbringing and early years . . in and around Roscrea. It is extremely well researched book . . and a 'must read ' for all who would have an insight into early family life in a small town in Ireland . . 10 years after the awful tragedy of the Famine.                             

 The book . . " DESERT QUEEN " The many Lives and Loves of Daisy Bates . . . Author . . Suzanne de Vries.(2008). . .ISBN 978 07322 8243 1


Born Margaret Dwyer (1859),sometimes Daisy May O'Dwyer, and Daisy May Bates, Decorated Australian CBE..
died 1951 . . . having become Australia's famous folk-heroine, journilist, and ground breaker with her work in living. . working and recording the life and language and customs of the then  Aboriginal peoples. She went to great lengths to reinvent her wretched childhood . .  inventing rich and powerful family connections . .  living a lie. .  but always striving to improve herself and hoping to find love and fulfillment  . . in faraway places.   As far away from Roscrea and the sadness of being born at the wrong time and into a man's world. . . where womens worth were on hold for the next sixty years.  Always a battler . .  she finally found where she could best express her social conscience . .  in trying to improve the lot of a very downtrodden people  . . .her adopted Aboriginal peoples . . whom maybe she identified with . . .and who in turn came to love her .  and who gave her the title of ' Kabbarli ' ( Grandmother ).
It is a remarkable story . .  told by a wonderful storyteller . . and truly a great read . . and in the reading . .  it somehow gets into the comlex personality . .  which was Daisy  . . and gives her the respect . . .with which she is now held. .  and honoured by her adoptive country . . Australia  . .  and her beloved Aboriginal peoples.

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