1st June 1822
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Roscommon & Leitrim Gazette


AT a Meeting of the Inhabitants of the Parishes of EASTERSNOW and Kilcola, held in the Church of Eurtersnow, on Tuesday, the 28th of May, 1822, for the purpose of taking into consideration the distressed state of the Poor of the Parish and means of employing them, and otherwise affording them relief. 

The Rev. Thomas Crawford in the Chair: It was Resolved, unanimously that

  • Store for such Provisions as can be procured, be established at the Village of Ballinamene (Ballinameen) 
  • That the prices charged for Provisions be uniformly the same those charged at Elphin. 
  • That the Days of Sale and Distnhntion the same those appointed at Elphin, via: MONDAY, and THURSDAY. 
  • That as the Employment of the Poor is the most desirable object.
  • Lists be made out of those of the Poor who can work, and have provisions or other means of procuring it. 
  • That Lists be also made out of those who cannot work and have no means of procuring provisions.
  • That, those people who may thus be employed, are to be at the rate of Five- Pence per day. 
  • That a Committee lie appointed for the purpose of keeping accounts, selling and distributing the provisions, laying out and employing the people. 
  • That a Secretary and Treasurer also be appointed. 
  • That the Rev. Thomas Crawford, John Irwin, (Camlin) Robert Mahon, John Roe, John D. Fry, John Irwin, (Reeehliekl.) Thomas Irwin, Arthur Irwin, Dominick French, Edward French, and Messrs. George Cuttle, James Acheson, Thomas Madden, Pat Dyer, and John Casserly, be appointed to act Committee. 
  • That the person who sells and distributes be the Secretary for the day and Major Roe be requested to act as Treasurer for holdng the amount of the Sales until handed over to the general Committee at Elphin. 
  • That this Meeting bn adjourned until MONDAY, the 3rd JUNE. 



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