19th April 1847
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An excerpt from a letter TO THE EDITOR OF THE MORNING POST during Black 47.

Sir— Fearing that the English public is not even yet actually awakened to the evil afflicting Ireland, so as to comprehend the urgent necessity for continued relief its to meet the gaunt destitution which pervades so vast a portion, of the Irish population; and believing that while the Government arrangements are slowly progressing a large number will for want of food and an opportunity to gain food by labour be sent into premature graves, I request to be allowed to submit through your journal some documents to the public, in the hope they may be effectual in exciting, further benevolent exertions to alleviate the alarming misery.
I remain, Sir, Your obedient servant,
George H. Stoddart,
Hon. Sec, United Relief Association.

Extract of a letter from the Rev. George Griffith, Rector of Ardcarne, Roscommon:—

I consider that there are about 2,000 persons in the very deepest destitution, who would esteem themselves happy if they could secure a meal a day. Hundreds are days without tasting anything but 'the black water; many of those who were once esteemed comfortable people are in the most miserable state of poverty. The number of those who are carried off by fever and dysentery is fearful. The aspect of the people is changed; the voice weakened.

My application to your committee is for wool, or money to procure it, having received £20 from the St. Jude Relief Committee to spend in wages for spinning and weaving, should I be able to find the materials for the work elsewhere. It is virtually giving food, and, at the same time, not to trust exclusively to alms.

I only received this paper today, and leave home on Monday early, God willing, otherwise I would have got this paper signed; but as I am pressed for time, instead of the signatures I beg to refer you to the Viscount Lorton, Rockingham, Boyle; to Coote Mulloy, Esq., D.L., Carrick-on-Shannon; to the Venerable Archdeacon Strean, Killaker Glebe, Carrick-on-Shannon; to A. Lefroy, Esq., M.P., at present in London; to Sir Robert Campbell, Bart., India House; the Rev. Arthur Hyde, Boyle; or the Rev. John Maquire, Boyle.

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