18th December 1848
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KILRUSH – The tide of emigration continues to flow rapidly upon town. Numbers of the farming classes flock in here daily for emigration.

A vessel left this Monday morning with over 30 passengers for America. It was most heartrending to witness the departure of those poor fellows, who are about to brave the dangers of the sea in this tempestuous season, flying from the scenes of misery and destitution everywhere prevailing. – Limerick Examiner.


The following catalogue evicted tenantry will exhibit the further effect of consolidation on the property of the Hon. Mr Henry Hare at Castletown:_

... in all, 33 souls. The two were comfortable farmers. They offered to pay the last gale of rent, and, as they informed me, offered security for the coming half gale; but their terms woold not be accepted.  Patrick Reilly, I understand, made a similar proposal, but was rejected.

l am also informed that driver of the property summoned several of the tenantry who still clung their huts, to New Pallas Petit Sessions (district court). The decision of the Bench was they should quit the premises after one fortnight commencing with the date of the sessions. God help these poor people? Limerick Examiner. 

IRELANDXO INSIGHT:  The Honourable Henry Hare of Listowel held land in the parishes of Castletown, Doon and Oola, in Co. Limerick.  SEE The evicted tenants in the Tithe Applotment Records.

AT PARTEEN –We understand that the exterminators were busily engaged yesterday in levelling houses at Parteen, near this city. Our informant tells, that when he passed by, houses were in the course of being tumbled down by wholesale. – Limerick Examiner. 



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