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First kings of Eire from the line of Ir through his son heber donn who ruled ulad ulster and his descendants Sobhairce and his brother Cermna .The first uladians ulster men who were crowned kings of eire and who divided the land into two according to their authority and it lasted for 100 years from approx. 1525bc to approx 1425bc one lived at dunseverick in antrim the other lived at downmacpatrick in county cork in munster .

1,532bc 31st thirtyfirst generation***********174] 40vi  15 ix cermna cearmna crarmna finn  gaelic milesian xv 15th monarch eire  fortysecond ard ri na eireann ebric sobairce HEbric line of ir

31st thirtyfirst generation***********173] 40v 16 ix Sobairce sobhairce ebric Gaelic Milesian xvi 16th monarch eire fortythird ard ri na eireann cermna finn HEbric line of ir

Sobairce and Cermna finn took the kingship of eire joint rule by the two sons of 39vi ebrec ebric son of eber heber donn son of ir of the ulaid son of milesius It is by cermna that eochu edgathach fell in the battle of temair they divided eire between them into two parts each of them from his fort

sobhairce resided in the north at dun sobhairce sobairce and 1 dun sobairce a swift pool of hosts the sea of the red poi)it lies beneath it  a face against the great sea I vaunt a pleasant protection over eire  sobairce one of the ard ri of eire who reputedly built a fort called dunsobairce fortress of sobairce here in 1525bc now dunseverick castle county antrim .

2 watchdogs of emain for whom it was a place assembly tower of wrath against oppressionith valourous multitudes of heroes from the glorious fortresses of ulaid

3 a place wherein was the queen of a mighty man of celtchair of wolf packs a prudent champion findabar white was her bright smile

besides being a woman she was a warrior

4 the true place truly good of fodla a protection of laws well guarding shapely

a wall which the paths of the great sea used to serve a fort where the warriors of emain used to be

5 a few ulad came a people by whom princes were subdued

they purged its true woodland mane  the royal hosts of dal riada took it

6 I speak of the choice troop of kingsthe lasting glory of conaire slender and fair

a progeny according to truth as I relate of a king who took pleasant eire

7 for it is patrick who taught it is he by whom their fruits were apportioned

he saluted a pair with great fame of the seed of erc and of olchu

8 when that the son of calpurn blessed it he found a homestead for his noble children

a fort with breadth over the pool of crews never will foreigners plough it

9 the apostle of eire after renewal   a clear stately ascent of the king of mystery

the son of calpurn gold of our sainthood with the valourous king cermna

10 sobairce of hosts of spears a foreshadowing of the household of temair?

the landscape of tuneful banba was divided by him  with the valourous king cerma

11 so that their two trusty forts are  a discernment of mysteries with followings of courses over the laughing wave against its thunder 

there on the two borders of eire

12 dun sobairce of spears is    a sally port of support of ulaid

dun cermna which is not narrow is concealed southward on the lively sea of mumu--munster

13 good the two kings whom I reckon                               true princes as I relate

with poetic strength they were worthy                               they were high kings over eire

14 a season before the time of battle of weapons of nuadu of fal of the household of temair

her clean white lawn were shared                                        between sobairce and cermna

15 the appearance of her champions                                   long after the time of the sons of mil is good sense upon our land as it is related 

homage was paid to the troop of forts

16 two steadfast rocks two enduring gryphons two brethren with rich virtue

two precious stones with noble strength chieftains over noble eire

17 most noble among kings the king of the sun quenched them to the dust

though very long was their reign                                            of the generation of the chief of the fort

18 let us adore the white king of the sun                                guide of my reason to an hundred mysteries

who hath spread abroad every grace every kingdom            who hath fashioned the generation of every man

9a there were three divisions of eire hither                            which the Tuatha de danann had

10 the division of the three grandsons of the dagda wide

9b thereafter the surface of fal was reckoned surveyed        by the sons of mil of spain

10 and the division of the two sons of mil                              five division thus far

the division of sobairce and of white cermna                         was a hundred years over eire

Six divisions now until ugoine came 585bc and divided eire into twentyfive

cearmna in the south at dun cearmna cermna                        these were the first kings of eire of the race of ir of ulad of ulster they were forty years in the kingship 

41 cermna sobairce a lucky course

the two sons of 39vi ebrec son of eber                                    two score years with fame

the first king of eire from ulaid ulster

42a the fate of sobairce in his fort by eochu menn upon the sea      sobairce fell at the hand of eochu menn son of the king of the fomoire the death of sobairce in his fort

Hebric of the ir line killed in a domestic quarrel                      by eochu menu across the rampart

42b the fate of cermna in the crooked battle by white eochu faebargias    the death of cermna in the crooked battle by eochu finn faebarglas

cermna finn fell at the hand of eochu faebarglas son of conmael in the battle of dun cermna ut dicitur cermna finn in battle at dun cermna downmacpatrick in Kinsale county cork


  • The legendary early history of Ireland is often steeped in mythology and legend, making it challenging to establish accurate historical records. According to Irish mythology, the Milesians, or Sons of Mil, are considered the ancestors of the Gaels, the predominant ethnic group in Ireland.

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