1st January 1884
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Ballymore GAA Club was founded in 1884

Their grounds are at Ballymore, County Westmeath

Their colours are green and gold

Ballymore are both a Hurling and Gaelic Football Club


  • Hello!  I belong to the Hurling Club in Hurlingham, Buenos Aires, Argentina.  It was founded in 1922 by irish descendants, and many of our ancestors came from Ballymore, Co Westmeath. They played hurling at first, and because of the WWs and the difficulty to import hurleys, they changed to Hockey and Rugby.  But in the last 10/12 years there's been a "revival" of gaélic sports.  Our Hurling Team took part in the Cup, played during The Gathering, in 2013 in Galway, and on the three last Gaélic Football World Games (Abu Dhabi, Dublin, Waterford). It would be interest to eventually have a "meeting" of both, Ballymore GAA Club from Ireland and Hurling Club from Argentina. 

    Silvia Fleming

    Thursday 1st October 2020 04:07PM

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