2nd December 1882
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Intelligence has reached Roscommon that four persons were drowned Tuesday evening in the Shannon, within four miles of that town. 

Mrs Moran, her son John Moran, her daughter and her son-in-law, named Pat Curly —were drowned in the Shannon, in the vicinity of Quaker Island.

It appears that the whole party had been tho town until late yesterday evening, and then proceeded to Portron, a distance of about four miles, from whence, in order to reach their home, they had to cross boat to the Quaker Island (Inchcleraun), a distance about one mile and half. 

The night was pitch dark and squally, with heavy rain. Most imprudent to such occasion, they hoisted a sail, which, it appears, was struck by one of the strong gusts, and the boat capsized.

Some people onshore, hearing their shouts, immediately got boats and rowed rapidly to the place from whence the cries had proceeded. All, however, they could find was the small boat turned upside down, with the sails still clinging to it, but unfortunately no trace of any Its late occupants.

The people dragged the river for the bodies on Wednesday. Much sympathy is felt for the family, who are highly respectable. Curly and Mrs Moran's daughter were only married last week.



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