19th June 1815
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The Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley, was born in Dublin & educated in Trim, Co. Meath. Having defeated Napoleon at Waterloo, he was hailed as one of the greatest defensive commanders of all time.

On Sunday, 18 June 1815 near Waterloo in Belgium (part of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands at the time) the Battle of Waterloo took place.

Of the Duke of Wellington’s British soldiers, 30% were Irish (including Wellington himself). Approximately 2,000 Irishmen would have been killed or wounded at this decisive battle. 


  • Hi   My ancestors were the Brierly family,There was a tradition in the family to join the army. There is a lot of information at the UK Hospital Chelsea.  Two ancestors I can see are wounded at Waterloo. One, John lost his eye and was discharged in January 1816.  Also Henry was wounded . Both get the Waterloo medal.   The difficulty I am having going back so far, is there are generations of John Brierlys and Henry Brierlys . They all come from Roscrea, Co Tipperary.  Going back at least to 1763.   There was an army barracks at Roscrea  I think called Crinkill barracks and the ruins are still there.  Several Generations are  Chelsea pensioners. .  I am old so it is more difficult for me to work out  the family connections.  From this barracks soldiers went to many historical battles all over the world.   People who are researching this family do not go back as far as this..    best wishes Rita Cobb


    Saturday 27th June 2020 11:23AM
  • Hi As usual I write a whole piece then manage to wipe it instead of sending it.  I will try again tomorrow.    I am already in your ancestry list. My G G Grandmother was Ann Brierly . She lived in Roscrea Co Limerick until the 1830s.  Like her English husband, her father Sgt Henry Brierly and Grandfather Henry Brierly were all soldiers . Her grandfather was the one at Waterloo.  I have much information from UK Royal Hospital Chelsea , Much military records. Even their eye colour       There is also John Brierly who probably was a brother of Henry Senior. He lost an eye at Waterloo. What information would you like?

      I wait I would love to pass this on but you perhaps only want Waterloo.

    Best Wishes

    Rita Cobb


    Saturday 27th June 2020 04:50PM
  • Dear Rita
    Thank you for sharing your Brierly Ancestor's story to our ROSCREA Ancestors Chronicles!

    Adding this link here so that they can be attached to this event for Waterloo.



    Saturday 4th July 2020 01:18AM

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