3rd December 1990
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On December 3rd 1990 after a national Election, Mary Robinson was inaugurated as the 1st female president of Ireland.

Having been an Independent, the Ballina native nominated by The Labour Party as their 1st candidate in the Presidential Election, it was also the 1st time there was a female candidate in any Presidential campaign in Ireland. She ran against Fianna Fail's Brian Lenihan and Fine Gael's Austin Currie. Lenihan received the most 1st preference votes, Mary received the 2nd highest pushing Austin Currie out of the race having come 3rd. Currie's votes were transferred to Robinson giving her the highest vote and putting Lenihan into 2nd place. With this on November 7th 1990, Robinson became with 7th President of Ireland and the 1st female President of Ireland having had a 51.9% majority of the votes after the 2nd count. On December 3rd 1990 she was inaugurated and served as President until September 7th 1997. 


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