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second oldest archaeological site eire og

7,000bc the mount sandal Mesolithic site is in Coleraine County Derry Northern Eire. Just to the east of the iron age mount sandal fort it is the oldest archaeological site in eire with carbon dating indicating an age of 9000 years old 7,000bc. 

Mount Sandel Meolithic site is a scheduled historic monument in the townland of mount sandel in Coleraine borough council area grid map ref c8533 3076.

It was excavated by Peter Woodman in the 1970s  


  • What news! 


    Monday 17th January 2022 08:55PM
  • the gaelic ones of yore 

    recalling the first footfall on our talamh eire 

    those gaelic authors have tugged those strings of words 

    to melody of music make on the sheaf of a page 

    to ensure you heard their voice 

    through the medium of a type writtten eirexo screen 

    keep the lore telling the tale of the gaelic ones 

    in any melody of voice or note or letter framed 

    lest it be forgotten tomorrow 



    liam hua duinn

    Friday 13th May 2022 03:30PM
  • A lot of historical vestiges in this place. I believe this place used to have a lot of historical stories happening. In 1970, many new discoveries became known. These are important findings.


    Monday 20th June 2022 08:43AM

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