10th March 1921
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The Nadd Roundup by British troops was one of the worst episodes in the War of Independence which was facilitated by a British ex army soldier who infiltrated the Irish Volunteers and gave the information to the RIC.

Liam Lynch OC Cork 2 Brigade was holding a training camp for column members in the Nadd area in Banteer Parish and the British Army found out about it and thousands of troops surrounded the area at night,turned off lorry lights and crept in to seal off the whole area. They surprised a group of five volunteers sleeping in one house ,ordered them outside and lined them up for summary execution. Two decided to make a dash for safety and were shot but not fatally and escaped in the fog. The other three were shot and bayoneted to death where they stood. A military Court of Inquiry was held in Cork to avoid an inquest and the court found that they were shot as they ran away and refused to stop when ordered to halt.This was the evidence supplied by the troops that took part. The doctors autopsies were in complete conflict with this account as they should have been shot in the back but his report recorded they were shot and stabbed from the front. They were caught asleep and could have been arrested and properly tried. Nadd is in Banteer Parish but the event is included because two of the casualties were from Kilshannig Parish, Ned Waters Glashabee and Michael Kiely ,Glannaharee. The centenary of this event is approaching and it is good to remember the ultimate sacrifice they made when fighting the might of the British Empire to gain independance for our country.

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