8th September 1908
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On the 8th of September, Poet and Republican Pádraig Pearse opened a school of boys in Ranelagh, south Dublin.

Pádraig Pearse was wholeheartedly committed to the Irish language. He believed that it would only be possible to revive the language through education. As a result, he opened a school for boys in Cullenswood House in Ranelagh on the southern side of Dublin city. The system of education adopted at St Enda's was based on two principles; freedom for the individual student, and inspirational teaching. 

In it's first year, the school admitted 70 boys. Their studies focused on the work of great Irish artists and poets, and the boys were encouraged to engage with the heroes of Irish mythology, emulating bravery and patriotism. 

In 1910, Pearse relocated the school to The Hermitage in St Enda's Park, Rathfarnham. This site is now a museum dedicated to telling the story of Pearse and his beloved school. For information on visiting the Pearse Museum, click here

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